I am happy to report that so far we've stayed on course for half of this plan, and we're so pleased we did.  The first two weeks have flown by, I'm actually starting to panic now for when this ends and I have to come up with my own meal plans again.  I'll just try to enjoy the next two weeks...because living in the moment without worry and no advance planning is SO me. Riiiight.

Monday's (Made on a Sunday) MenuPork Loin with Sauteed Cauliflower and Capers

Anyhoo, tonight's dinner was pretty good!  We pulled the peppers out of Evie's portion of cauliflower, but just the bit tossed in the saute pan at the end was enough to give them a kick she didn't care for, so heads up for those of you with young ones.  She did eat all of her pork though.  It was pretty tasty, Mark and I augmented ours by putting a dish of Dijon mustard with kosher salt and pepper to dip our pork pieces in to, very yummy and it added some extra flavor.  The pork itself was very moist and was probably the easiest time I've ever had working with a pork loin, chop, what have you.  Didn't do much in the way of prep, browned the meat, slathered on the mustard, pressed in the panko with oil, and popped it in the oven.  The cauliflower, after being cut into florets, was simply sauteed in oil with kosher salt and pepper.  After it's been cooked, you toss it with the capers and peppadews. Made the dish once, can recite the recipe.  That's the only time that's happened so far with these plans.  So, for those of you perhaps a little intimidated by the meal plans, this would be a good one to try!  Just remember, don't mess around with pork, make sure it's at least 145 degrees all the way through.

My kitchen table was taken up by this afternoon's puzzle.... we had "fancy dinner" in the dining room!


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