MEAL PLAN - One more week!

We have arrived at the fourth and final week of this meal plan!  I am alternating between the following things:
  1. horror that I will have to go back to my own meal planning
  2. excitement to write about something other than food on this blog again
  3. laziness - but I fight that all the time.
The end of last week was pretty "meh" in my opinion.  I was a lot more excited for the mole sauce than I was once we were eating it.  That might have had something do with the fact that having never bought "enchilada sauce" before, I apparently did not get quite the right thing.  Whatever I did get was so over powering with the cinnamon, you got none of the peppers or the heat. I also committed a rookie mistake in that I did not read the entire recipe and instructions through thoroughly.  Therefore I missed the part where you start with an oven proof pan to transfer the chicken directly from stove top to oven AND you only cook it on one side on the stove top.  The meal wasn't bad, the salad was actually quite nice, but over all, the week went out with more of a whimper than a bang.


Monday Night's (made on a Sunday) menu:  Pan-Roasted Cod and Fennel with Spinach Couscous

Right off the bat I knew Evie would be excited, she loves couscous.  In following our self-imposed rules, I did not buy "some other firm white fish", rather I purchased the listed Cod.  We'll be taking a second mortgage out any day now...  I kid (sort of).  For those of you doing this to save money as well as time, I would suggest something like tilapia instead of the $20 per pound cod.  Did I mention I purchased a pound and a half?  I don't pay that much for a fish dish in a better restaurant!  Mark and I were in a lets-just-get-this-shopping-trip-done mode and didn't really pay enough attention to 1. the cost 2. the fact we really do not need the full listed amounts since we're only really feeding 2 1/2 people.

Thankfully, my in-laws were up for trying something new and took the leftovers for dinner the next night.  The meal turned out well, but was a little on the bland side.  However, Evie ate ALL of her couscous with spinach. 

 She didn't care for the fish, but then again, neither did her Mommy.  It wasn't my favorite, I think I would have thrown the fish back in a saute pan after the oven and been happier.  My first experience with fennel wasn't bad, but I expected it to impart more flavor.  Haven't heard from the in-laws on their take yet.


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