MEAL PLAN - BEST Chili EVER + The other dish...

Catching up on this, our last week of the four week meal plan.  Monday was dance night, so Mark made the chili recipe, and he's not into taking pictures during prep and cooking.  I was so hungry and tired when Evie and I returned that I just chowed (you'll find out why as you read on).  Tuesday night I worked late, so my Mom, Mark, and Evie did a night out together.  Wednesday I made the chicken and slaw recipe.  The slaw worked, chicken was bleh.

Tuesday's Meal (made on our crazy Monday night): Chipotle Beef and Beer Chili

The chili recipe we made on Monday was AH-MAY-ZING.  We had never even heard of chipotles in adobo, but WOW did they make a difference.  WARNING however, this chili had some major kick for those of you with little ones.  Evie contented herself with the corn bread.  The recipe only said "corn bread, for serving" - so I used the recipe in Fannie Farmer's Baking Book for corn bread sweetened with honey, not sugar.  Very yummy and (with apologies to Bryden and Aimee) very moist.  At any rate, the chili recipe will be repeated, but of course, Mark will put his own spin on it and make it even better next time.  I do not know which beer he used, but we have quite a variety, I'm assuming he went with the closest to a dark Mexican beer if we did not have that exact kind.  Not being kidney bean fans, I'm sure they'll disappear the next time, but not the beef and fresh cilantro!

Wednesday's Meal: Lime and Soy-Glazed Chicken with Cabbage Slaw

Two words: Sesame Oil.  I love sesame oil.  The cabbage slaw made with it was wonderful.  I didn't have enough fresh mint, but I think it worked out okay, if I had had the full 1/2 cup I think it would have been over powering.  The chicken glaze was very tasty, but the cooking method left the chicken bland and the skin soggy.  We cut the chicken off of the bone and dipped it in the sauce from the pan.  The slaw did save this dish for me, the fresh crisp carrots with the cabbage, scallions, and mint tossed with fresh ginger, lime juice, sesame and canola oils with kosher salt and pepper was yummy.  Did I mention I love sesame oil?  I have a tendency to go overboard with it (especially when making fried rice), but I behaved this time and only added a bit more than was called for, only because the lime was so overpowering.  I think an equal ratio would have been better right off the bat. 


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