Teaching your children new traditions.

I always said I would allow my daughter to make her own decisions about what she believes in. My own growing up experience was open to different groups on Sunday. My husband had a different one, you believed in one group every Sunday and it was the same as your parents'. I had really wanted Peanut to chose, but since she's still young, I am willing to bend to my husband's wishes...for now...until she's old enough to make her own informed choice. I myself converted (somewhat) when we got married, even attending an event the day after our wedding. That isn't to say I go back to my own earlier choices from time to time, or chose new ones...and I hope to instill that openness in Peanut in time. But, as I said, for now...this is what we'll have in our home:


Manic Mommy said…
Can I have an AMEN for Sunday football!

The Eagles, K? Really??
Do you SEE me in that picture wearing an Eagles shirt? No...I'm pouting in the corner with my Patriots gear. Sniff. Sniff.
Just found you - noticed the Eagles garb and stopped for a quick read!

A fellow PA-er!
Denise said…
She would look much cuter in a Dallas Cowboys jersey. But, no matter what your team, Sunday football is wonderful!!
Punk Rock Mom said…
too cute. I am very thankful that the only game my husband watches is the Super Bowl. We are more of a motorcross kind of family.

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