Wrapping up this meal plan were two of the yummiest dishes of all!  Since Mommy was preparing for her first ever half marathon (that will be a later post), the carb loading pizza dish was well timed.  The final dish of skillet poached eggs was surprisingly delicious and pretty easy to make.  All in all, we were very happy with the four weeks of meal plans!

Thursday's Meal: Salami and Brussels Sprouts Pizza

We love our Brussels sprouts in this house.  Our favorite way of cooking them is sliced thin, and then sauteed in olive oil with kosher salt.  This pizza calls for them to be sliced thin and tossed in olive oil with kosher salt (along with the salami and mozzarella cheese) and then sprinkled on the pizza dough.  WIN!  We chose a whole wheat pizza dough that I left out on the counter from morning til early eve so it was completely defrosted and mostly at room was still pretty cool to the touch.  Thank goodness for Wegman's!  Our mozz, salami, and pizza dough were all Wegman's brand, and all awesome.  I love that they use wholesome ingredients, and let you know what they do to keep you safe and healthy.  I'm a big believer in farm-to-table, but unable to put that into practice as much as I'd like.  Back when we were making Evie's baby food, all of the produce came from the farmer's market, but it's tough to get there now. Wegman's helps make up for that!

Friday's FINAL meal: Skillet-Poached Eggs with Braised Peppers and Onions

Friday nights are our usual pizza night with "Grandpa Gipe."  He was game to try our final recipe with us.  Of course, when those three start playing, I'm left to fend for myself...thank goodness this was an easy one! (Evie was dressing Daddy up again - each of us took a turn with those bunny ears that night). 

I didn't get any pictures of the eggs cooking in the pan, but I have to admit it was pretty cool.  I cracked each egg into a ramekin first, then slid it into it's "well" in the pepper and onion mix.  This was a nice, simple, hearty meal. 

Thus ends my blogging on Real Simple's four week meal plan.  I am very proud of us for sticking to it and completing all 20 recipes.  We learned a lot, from new foods to new skills.  Looking forward to the next set of new recipes!


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