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Guest Post: Healthier Zuppa Toscana

Hello Cookin' Mama blog readers! Once again, Mama has been slacking as of late on this blog. Thankfully, she also has friends who love to cook and share recipes! Below is another guest post for 2016 (See? not all of 2016 has been bad) from a lovely friend I met through theater. Enjoy! ~Cookin Mama

Hello all!My name is Angela, and this is my first blog post ever.I think Kristi must be some kind of magician, because I took my first selfie with her (see above!) and now she has me writing a blog post.As a fan of her (and her cooking!), I am pleased to be here.

First, let me give you the nutshell bio.I’m old enough to have seen the original Star Wars in the movie theatre. Ha!I live with my husband, Ken, and our two cats, Binx and Xena.I love to cook and bake; my nickname in college was Betty, for Betty Crocker.I am also perpetually working on losing a few pounds.We eat pretty healthy in our house, but it is a struggle.Recently, we have cut out most white carbs and sugar.It’s not exactly …

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