MEAL PLAN - Fighting over broccoli, and other fun foods

Posted with apologies for the delay in menu/recipe reviews this week.  I took a break Tuesday night to take my wonderful and handsome hubby out to dinner for his birthday.  If you're looking for a restaurant in the Harrisburg/Hershey area that isn't too stuffy, but is yummy and has the added bonus of being a farm to table type establishment, then look no further than The Harvest at the Hotel Hershey.  It was soooo good.  Six words: hanger steak with birch beer reduction.  You will not be disappointed. I promise you.

Back to your regularly scheduled programing after our commercial break.  Wednesday night we were right on schedule with Real Simple's prescribed meal for that evening.


Wednesday Menu: Lamb Chops with Roasted Broccoli and Feta.

I was not kidding in the title line.  We were semi-fighting over who got to finish the broccoli.  It was the best broccoli I've ever had, hands down.  Think it's ridiculous to get that excited over broccoli?  Try this recipe, then talk to me.  The lamb was yummy, but lamb usually is and it's hard to mess it up.  However, it can be a strong taste for many and it's really on the expensive side, so it will not be a mainstay of our weekly meal planning.  Other than that, not much else to say about this meal...except new and different salt shaker + curious daughter + alone in the dining room = really salty water.


Thursday Menu: Lemony Tuna and Olive Oil Pasta

This meal was timed perfectly for hosting my sister and her three children.  The pastas in these weeks are WAY more than four people would really need to eat, unless I'm having serious issues determining ounces of pasta (which, in retrospect is a distinct possibility).  The pasta was yummy, but not very lemony I do have to say.  It did have a very white-clam sauce flavor, very pleasing.  Everyone that was served this concoction loved it (Evie's cousins prefer butter and cheese. Period.)  Warning for novices of either cooking or just cooking with tuna in oil:  once the garlic and crushed red pepper were cooked and fragrant, I dutifully went to add the tuna about OUCH.  The oil in the can mixed with the already heated olive oil in the pan added up for A LOT OF SPUTTERING. I believe that next time I'll put in the pasta first, then the tuna and lemon zest.  Oops.  There were also four children, all 6 years old and under, running around my house, so no pictures were taken.  Leftovers were sent home to the brother-in-law, so no proof exists of this meal!


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