MEAL PLAN - First two nights

Sunday 9/18 - as previously stated, we've decided we'll start our week on Sunday evening, thereby leaving a day free for whoops moments / dinners out / unforeseen circumstances.

MENU: Salmon with Gingery Green Beans and Bok Choy
Start time: 4:30 PM      Sat down to eat: 5:20 PM

Thoughts during prep
  • thank goodness I'm not doing all of this prep on a Monday night
  • I would never make it on Chopped
  • I need a better knife

Evie came by "Mommy, what is that?"  Me: "Salmon honey"  Evie: "Ew! I don't like that"  Mommy: "Evie! You love salmon!"  Evie: "Oh! Well then, I will eat it!"  (Score one for Mommy)

Once the prep was done, things moved very quickly.  In retrospect, it wasn't all that bad...I would make this again on a rushed weeknight.  Again, a better knife would help.  This recipe calls for a lot of awesome fresh produce...but between using the potato peeler on the carrots and ginger, slicing garlic (and getting the garlic skins stuck EVERYWHERE), cleaning and cutting the green beans, and cutting carrots, it did feel like a lot of work.  However, I didn't have to do much once it was all in the pan.  Also, when they say you need a large skillet for the vegetables, they are not kidding.

Thoughts after eating
  • could do without the bok choy - still not a fan
  • Evie ate at least a 4 oz portion of salmon, she's totally a fan of this dish

  • the sriracha MADE this dinner, so says my husband (we left the spicy sauce off of Evie's portion)

  • The vegetables were fresh, crisp, and filling - a nice compliment to the salmon.  
  • while we use "EVOO" (extra virgin olive oil) for most cooking, I went with what the recipe called for: vegetable oil.  I think I actually like salmon cooked in that with a little kosher salt better than in the olive oil.  

Monday 9/19 - Evie's next session of dance class (creative movement) began this night as well.  They are holding it at the oh-so-convenient time of 5:15 PM to 6:00 PM.  After a few brief texts during the day once I realized the timing dilemma, Husband took dinner, I took dance.

MENU: Tomato Soup with Roast Beef, Cheddar, and Horseradish Panini
Start time: 5:15 PM by husband's admission: "I was lolly-gagging a little bit."  Therefore, the sit down time of 6:30 PM doesn't really count

My awesome Hubby on dinner duty

Mark's Thoughts from Prep:
  • prep was pretty easy - most difficult was chopping onions
  • thanks to our immersion blender, there was no need to blend in batches per the recipe for the soup
  • we splurged on a really good white cheddar (yay Wegman's cheese shop) - it was awesome on the sandwiches, and as a snack during prep apparently. 

Family reports after eating:
  • YUMMY, the sandwiches were a perfect fall evening meal, the roast beef and horseradish went nicely on our Oat Nut Wheat Bread. 
  • Loved the horseradish/sour cream spread on the bread AND in the soup. Loved the double use.
  • That was the best tomato soup we've ever had, hands down (patting husband on back now)
  • Evie's soup was augmented with goldfish crackers...that was a hit too.


Teena said…
Kristi, this is great especially for a less experienced cook like me. I look forward to seeing/reading about the future recipes. Thanks again!

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