MEAL PLAN - Week Two, Night Two

Having cooked Monday's meal on Sunday, then skipping the actual day of Monday, well, the plan - I didn't skip out on the whole day, but that would have been nice - we're now at Tuesday and actually cooking Tuesday's meal ON Tuesday.  Still with me?  I kidnapped my mom when I picked Evie up at her house, so we had enough people for the 4 servings for once.  Of course, this meant we lost our little sous chef, but I think we can let it slide this time.

TUESDAY MENU: Steak with Cognac Sauce and Salad

This meal was a pleasure to make and an even bigger one to eat!  We did have a little whoops in that while we like our meat med-rare, it was a little too rare, so on the grill it went.

You do have to do it at least a little in a saute pan so you have the drippings and juices to make the cognac sauce.

Mmmmm...cognac sauce.  My mouth is watering again just typing about it. The salad was fresh and with the homemade vinaigrette, very bright.  Even my 3 year old liked it! The waffle fries were good, but didn't seem to go with the rest of this meal, we'll probably leave it off next time.  And believe me, there will be a next time with this one!

We were so excited to sit down and eat that I can only share the aftermath, no plating pics this time...


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