MEAL PLAN - Thursday, Week One

Week One - Fourth Night
Thursday 9/22 - One month away from our 6th wedding anniversary!  What better way to celebrate than with bacon?!  I did this one all by myself, coming home straight from work and letting the hubby pick Evie up at my Mom's.  This one had a lot of irons in the fire at once for one less than experienced cook like me, but I persevered!

MENU: Chicken with Potatoes, Bacon, and Cabbage

I started with the potatoes.  I was not able to find "new" potatoes at the store, so I bought a bag of smallish red potatoes.  Worked fine.  I had more than I needed, so I quartered the leftovers, boiled them in salt water and made a little potato salad for tomorrow's lunch.  After I got the potatoes in the oven, I started prepping the other items.  The cabbage was easy, I just peeled away the outer, limper leaves and then sliced what was left.  I used a little more than half (the recipe calls for half) because after peeling away the outer leaves, I wasn't left with much.   I used kitchen shears to cut the bacon into strips, then into little pieces.  Nothing like the smell of bacon cooking...hmmmm....

I need a bigger kitchen

 Finally, I addressed the chicken.  "Hello, chicken..."  Any time I cook chicken breast now, I pound the snot out of it first.  I just wrap it between wax paper and pound away with the meat tenderizer-thingy.  Great way to expend some pent-up frustrations from the day.

I cooked the bacon, removed it to paper towels, and did NOT remove the bacon grease.  I cooked the shallots, mustard, vinegar, and cabbage in it.  Super healthy.  After tossing it a few times and the cabbage wilted and browned a bit, we were ready to plate.

I cut the chicken before placing it on the cabbage mixture.  This meal was great.  Evie again tried everything, took only one taste of the cabbage and potato but finished the bacon and the chicken.  Fair enough, we do not require clean plates in our house. 


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