MEAL PLAN - Wednesday, Week One

Wednesday 9/21 - Tuesday night was skipped due to a spaghetti dinner at Mom's.  Turns out starting this on a Sunday worked out the way we thought it would.  Tuesday for lunch I ate the leftover salmon and veggies (minus the bok choy, I will admit).  It reheated extremely well, I even brought a little thing of the sriracha to pour over after reheating.

MENU: Pork Chops with Roasted Beets and Oranges

Once again, life gets in the way of meal plans.  Evie and I had a dentist appointment scheduled for 3:45.  Mark has to leave for his graduate class no later than 5:30, and that's pushing it.  Thankfully, I'm home Wednesday afternoons with Evie.  Therefore, I prepped everything so all Mark had to do was season and cook.  NOTE for those of you who have not worked with fresh beets before...wear an apron, do not wear a favorite shirt, and be prepared for a little staining.  I love beets, I used to get them all the time at the farmer's market to make pickled beets and eggs...but, I digress.  At any rate, I used a potato peeler and then just cut off the bottom portion before slicing into wedges.  The oranges were more problematic believe it or not.  I had issues peeling them after cutting them in half.  Turns out, better to peel, THEN slice.

Evie and I did not leave the dentist office until 5:00, we made it home in time to watch Daddy finish his meal, give him a kiss, and send him on his way.  I plated up portions for the Little Miss and me.

Evie ate an entire pork chop, did not care for the beets, oranges, or arugula.  Mommy liked the beets and pork chops, jury is still out on whether I like the two together or not.  The oranges and arugula were just too bitter for me.  Also, if I had been the one making them, I would have seasoned the beets with a little more kosher salt.  Mark commented that he thought the chops were over seasoned based on the amount of oregano and thyme called for, but Evie and I loved, there you have it. 


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