MEAL PLAN - Wednesday of Week Two

This one was by far the easiest prep, only one pot and one baking sheet used.  I've never made quinoa before...much less eaten any, but it was super simple and very tasty.  I'm sure most directions will include this tip, but just in case: make sure you thoroughly rinse the quinoa before cooking.  I used my strainer.  There is a naturally occurring substance on the seeds that is rather bitter.

My sous chef returned this evening after goofing off during prep last night (see the post on Tuesday's meal for picture evidence).  After she announced that taking the thyme leaves off of their stems just takes too long, I put her on lemon duty. 

We had the quinoa cooking, the thyme and lemon ready for later, so it was time to take care of the veggies.  Evie was beyond proud to have a job all to herself...the mushroom de-stemming!  It offered some giggles too, those suckers get slippery after they've been washed!

You'll often find the dog near Evie when she has food

Ta Da!!

I think this meal has been the only one that was prepped and cooked in the time advertised.  I also felt the best about this one in terms of what I was feeding my family.  Mind you, this is the one Evie ate the least amount of, but in defense of the meal - she tasted it all, nothing was deemed "bad", and she's working on a cold.


CheckyPantz said…
You have a lovely life. I'm really glad you blog it.
A million thank yous CheckyPantz!

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