Happy, Rested Family

The thumbs up could be for any of the following:
A. Our first international trip as a family
B. Our awesome hosts in Barbados, Mark's Aunt and Uncle
C. The ten days we spent together in the States, traveling to Barbados, and on     
     vacation...uninterrupted, no work, no rehearsals, no school

Without the generosity of Mark's Aunt and Uncle, who are more like Sister and Brother-in-law really, we could have never taken such a trip.  We basically just needed to get there!  They put us up, fed us wonderful meals, and showed us wonderful sights.  In return, we tried to be good house guests, replenish things we took, and treated to a wonderful dinner at a restaurant they found right on the water.  Pure luxury, it was a much needed respite for us.  We even got to see the U.S. Embassy thanks to Uncle George, who is Head of Diplomatic Security for the Embassy (the reason why they're currently living there).  Evie had a blast, from the trip inside the Embassy to feeding monkeys, to learning how to boogie board.

I am so very happy that we could give Evie the opportunity to have a stamp on her passport at the age of 4!  This was also Mommy's first trip outside of the US (Canada in HS not withstanding).  We had a wonderful time, can't wait to go back next year! 


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