Four Years of Winnie the Pooh

Four years ago this month Miss Evelyn arrived.  I still remember how cold the garage was that morning as we climbed in the car to head to the hospital.  I remember the care Mark took getting us there as snow fell.  We checked in, and the surgery prep began.  At 8:25 a.m., a 6 pound 14 ounce beautiful baby girl was born.   She was an alert, happy, contented baby from the start, except for when she was hungry...  I also clearly remember Mark standing in the middle of the hospital room holding her and crying.  My favorite quote from him was "I just hope I stop this crying by the time she's 30"  Daddy was smitten.  Okay, we both were. 

One of her first presents was a Winnie the Pooh bear from her Grandma Blessing (aka Bop these days).  This bear had a special purpose: to help show Evie's growth over her first year and then every year after.  What follows is the Evie and Pooh Bear timeline, beginning at the end of January 2008, when she was one month old. 

One Month
Two Months
Three Months
Four Months
Five Months
Six Months
Seven Months
Eight Months
Nine Months
Ten Months
11 Months
One Year
Two Years
Three Years

FOUR Years!


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