It's About Time!

I had a couple night break from the show, so Mommy was home!  We finally got our act together and were able to try another new recipe!!  Mark's been craving a good curry ever since our visit to Barbados in January and a great Fusion restaurant there.  We looked up a few ideas, found this one, and after a trip to Wegman's the night before, were ready to go!

Our sous chef was otherwise engaged creating this year's valentine's, so we had to make do ourselves.


Right off the bat, we decided the sauce didn't have enough kick.  Since we're sharing with a 4 year old, we kept the heat factor down, but did add more red curry paste than suggested (they said 2 teaspoons, we added at least 2 tablespoons) and we added some curry powder.  Other than that, we followed the rest of the recipe to the letter.

Don't know if you can see it, but we're not done and already making notes on the recipe...

I love theater, but I miss our evenings together!

And of course, I miss our little artiste

Okay, back to cooking.  It was a pretty quick process...would have been faster if yours truly had defrosted enough chicken in the first place.  Oops.  Also, Thai ginger?  My new nemesis.  Hard to work with, and really, not as flavorful as the regular ginger I buy at the grocery.  Couldn't peel it, it was hard to chop, grr... 

Limes, chopped peanuts, cilantro for garnish.  Used all three: YUM

I think we need a bigger boat, er, I mean skillet

Thumbs up from Evie!  She liked her rice more though (of course)

All in all, it was a very tasty dish.  I would definitely add more curry, and possibly some kosher salt next time.  I would also not serve it directly over the rice, the rice soaked up too much of the sauce, I would have rather kept the rice on the side.  We now have this recipe, with our notes, in the recipe binder as a "keeper."


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