Show people!

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is one of my all time favorite shows.  Theatre Harrisburg is putting it up in February.  Auditions were in November, and it literally pained me to not audition, but we have a family trip in January and I didn't feel prepared to sing (I never feel prepared to sing).  Dance? Absolutely.  Sing?  Still working on the confidence there.  I saw all of the posts and spoke to friends who were cast and while I was happy for all of them, I was still a little sad.  Then, I receive a message that someone had to bow out, would I be willing to jump in and try to catch up?  WOULD I?!?  Of course, I had a heart to heart with the dear hubby, because while I love doing shows and love the theater, I love my little family more and theater definitely takes me away from them.  He was more than supportive, so off I went!  So far, I've been to two singing rehearsals, one dance, and spend all of my time in the car with the practice CD.  Aaaannnddd...I AM SO HAPPY!  SO SO HAPPY!  Only draw back is less time with Mark and Evie, but they're happy having Daddy/Daughter time, so it works out.

Tonight was the first dance rehearsal.  Dance is my thing.  Granted, when I was an actual dancer, I was 15-20 years younger, 50 pounds lighter, and taking master classes on a regular basis.  Now I'm a full time director, full time Mommy, full time Wife, full figured woman, and not flexible at. all.  But, I still love it and if all I get to do is help others with suggestions, I'm happy.  Everyone needs to say a little prayer for the poor soul who has to lift me though.  He's a strong guy definitely, but still saddled with the, um, hefty dancer.  I can report we did our first lifts tonight and he rocked it!  Now I just need to get up to snuff.

Will report more and share pictures as we go...hoping to be able to share more of this show with Evie, definitely more Evie friendly than Gypsy and Curtains were!


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