Sleepy Time

I'll be honest: bedtime is a trial with the Peanut these days.  Mostly due to my lack of patience that time of night, but also from the "you HAVE to sleep with me a little bit" to "one more hug and kiss...pleeeaasse???"  The regular ritual, bathroom stuff, books, hugs, tucking in usually takes 1/2 hour, 45 minutes or longer on "tubby night."  Then we have about 15-20 minutes of calling from upstairs, dramas, and sometimes me running back upstairs at some point.

We read to her every night - we've only missed maybe three nights since she was born, and once it was on purpose because she was being such a nudge. One thing I'll never read to her or myself, is the new Go The [blankety-blank] to Sleep book.  I get it.  Trust me.  I've been sitting down here listening to the "Oh Mommy...MOMmmy....MOMMY!" and muttering like a crazy person about how I'd love it for her to just go to sleep.  I just can't use that language with respect to my daughter.  I'm no saint, believe me.  I have been known to swear like a drunkin' sailor as the saying goes.  However, for some reason, swearing about children just bothers me.  Recently a friend, in all innocence was commiserating about her day and stated that her three year old daughter had been being a, well, rhymes with witch, all day.  This woman is an excellent mother.  Phenomenal even...and I know she loves her kids.  But in an instant, I was so shocked that I didn't know how to react.  I'm not judging her, I'm remarking on my surprise at my reaction.  I've dropped the f-bomb in Evie's presence by mistake (thankfully, so far it hasn't shown up in her conversation), but not about or to her.  I don't know, maybe I am being a little humorless or taking things a little too seriously...but it really bothers me when people swear when discussing little ones.  I suppose I should have said something to my friend at that moment, but how on Earth do you say anything without sounding judgmental?  Then again, who the BLEEP am I anyway...


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