So much to (re)learn

When Evie was first born, and I discovered this whole blogging thing, I went on a crash course to learn as much as I could.  I read other blogs, I learned HTML or whatever it was I had to do to do "strike through."  I probably drove Manic Mommy nuts with questions.  But, I became pretty comfortable and apparently had a lot to say.  After a 2-3 year hiatus, I'm having a bit of difficulty getting back into the swing of things!  My brain is wired for 140 characters, I actually think in status updates from time to time.  Given my true nature of story telling and talking one's ears off, I think it shouldn't be too long until I'm back to long winded diatribes about whatever occurs to me on any given day.  I know. You're all on the edge of your seats.  I have noticed that in the interim, Blogger has gotten a lot more user friendly.  So to that, I'm making the pledge to blog at least once per week.  I think that's a nice low ambition to begin with.  I think this is my second this week already, so I'm exceeding expectations.  Love it when I can excel like that... 


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