Guest Post: Instant Pot Potato Salad!

Recently I posted about my newly purchased Instant Pot, and how much I already enjoy having it in my kitchen. Below is a guest post from the woman who is mostly responsible for me purchasing one of these time saving and delicious food making devices! I hope you enjoy Brigitta's post, let us know what you think! ~Cookin' Mama

Please welcome my friend Brigitta!
It is true that the Instant Pot can make your life easier. My story started with an infomercial.  About a year ago I was sitting in a restaurant when the story about an electronic pressure cooker came on the television.  I was mesmerized by the claims.  I subsequently did a ton of research and found that the Instant Pot received many of the best ratings and reviews.  Flash forward to today and I own 2 Instant Pots!
Just this weekend my pot came in handy for a family barbecue. The perfect deli potato salad was a must on my menu but I really dislike the messy task of boiling a large amount potatoes.  I can never get them quite right and am usually left with an overflowing pot, unevenly cooked potatoes and starch residue everywhere. Cue the pot! I hastily peeled about 3.5 lbs. of large potatoes and put them in the pot on a trivet. I added 1.5 cups of water and set the pot to steam for 25 minutes.  After it cooked, I allowed about 10 minutes to pass before I released the pressure. I opened the pot to unbelievably perfect potatoes!  As soon as I could touch them, I easily sliced them for the salad.

Here is the recipe I used with the only changes being increasing the recipe to accommodate for the large amount of potatoes I cooked, the addition of some garlic powder and adding fresh chives instead of parsley.

The pot did take about 15 minutes to come up to pressure so complete cooking time was about 50 minutes total.  During that time I was able to chop and prep all of the other ingredients and make another recipe to boot.  I didn’t have anything to check or stir and only non-messy pot to clean afterwards.  Brilliant!  


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