Zucchini "Noodles" with Pesto and Fresh Tomatoes

My Pinterest habit has brought us some pretty fun recipes.  Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of these amusing pictures of veggie “noodle” dishes, and, having discovered that if I have too much gluten I’m an unhappy Mama, decided to take a closer look.  I LOVE my pasta.  Like, way too much do I love pasta.  If I make it, I always make a ridiculous amount and eat 2-3 portions.  I figured that trying spiral cut vegetables might be a good way to get some healthier dishes using the same sauces and toppings we love on our linguine.  After reading (the often hilarious) reviews on the web and Amazon, I went with the Paderno Spiralizer.  It was in our budgeted price-range for kitchen tools needed for a healthier lifestyle. 

It arrived a day or so later (thank you Amazon Prime), and sat until I could get a meal plan or even just ingredients together.  I purchased the item along with Ali Maffucii’s INSPIRALIZED cookbook.  The pictures alone are drool-worthy.  In short order, many pages were tabbed.  Our first try of this new way of eating was with two yellow zucchini purchased at our local Strites' Farm, a family owned and operated orchard and farm.  Since I hadn’t researched or shopped for a specific dish, we went with a pesto and fresh tomatoes because I could get the basil and romas from our garden.   By “I could get” I mean I could ask my husband to pick through the overgrown herb garden that his wife hasn’t tended to recently and find me a couple of cups of basil…

Anyway, back to our inaugural spiralizer dish!  Evie and I set up the new toy, er, kitchen tool, and got to work.  Not only did it work, it worked VERY well!  I had been worried about a learning curve, or it being all hype, but we totally got a bowl of zucchini “noodles” that the Little Miss kept helping herself to while I prepared the other ingredients.  Let me tell you, anything that has your 7 year old daughter “stealing” zucchini and stuffing it in her face is WELL WORTH the investment! 

The pesto was the normal, basil, olive oil, garlic, pine nuts, parmesan cheese, kosher salt and black pepper.  The tomatoes were sautéed with garlic, crushed red pepper, salt and black pepper.  The zucchini noodles were given a quick sauté in olive oil stove top.  We put the “noodles” down, topped with pesto, and then a dab of tomato.  Evie had hers with just kosher salt, black pepper, and a sprinkle of parmesan.  

Ingredient List
Two medium yellow zucchini, cleaned and ends cut
Two cloves garlic, minced, divided
Four Roma Tomatoes, sliced into rounds
Two cups basil leaves
Olive Oil
Pine Nuts
Parmesan Cheese
Kosher Salt
Fresh Ground Black Pepper

Did this taste like pasta?  Not exactly.  Were we fooled?  Not at all, the zucchini was still a little crunchy...but we kind of liked it.   Because of the early success, this week's meal plan features three different recipes from the Spiralizer book...stay tuned!


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