Mama's Meal Plan, Week 14: Easter leftovers! and Week 15: Big ProjectLeftovers!

Mama took a hiatus from the blog for Easter, and then another to finish up a big project!  Below is the recap, but here it is in a nutshell:  Week 14 was Easter leftovers and meals made from those.  Week 15 was leftovers from a weekend where we completed a big project thanks to friends and family, and we had leftover food from feeding the "workers!"  Hopefully Week 16 will be us back on track!


Easter week was a little off the plan, we hosted our families for Easter dinner, so the meal planning was really for one big meal...and we plan on getting by with leftovers for the rest of the week!  There may be a few breakfast for dinner evenings - in fact, Monday night the Mister did just that, fried up some leftover ham as well as two eggs.  

Happiness is a full house on Easter!

Easter Dinner Menu was:

Baked Smoked Ham with a mustard, maple, and brown sugar glaze
Homemade au gratin potatoes
Brussels sprouts with bacon
Sauteed green beans
Deviled eggs
Pickled eggs

Homemade strawberry cake and cupcakes.

During that week, we had a delicious ham and noodle dish made in ONE SKILLET (my favorite), I made Ted Allen's heirloom bean soup with leftover ham, along with ham sandwiches, etc.


 The BIG PROJECT I mentioned was swapping our daughter's original nursery/big girl room with the guest/sewing room.  We had friends and family by our side helping the whole time, and thankfully a big job went by in one weekend. We're so blessed to have these lovely people in our lives.

Mama and Papa in front of a VERY pinky purple wall

My little sis took time from fixing up her own home to help us!

A friend that is more a family member, our Miss Maggie!

Evie working with her favorite "Mr. Kerry" on the bunkbed

It's like a big puzzle! Uncle Matt was the painting foreman.

 Now we have a guest and sewing room set up, as well as a room fit for two little girls!  Evie can't wait to welcome her little sister from Haiti into their bedroom.  Still no idea on how long it will be until that happens, but we're hopeful to receive a referral this year!

A very happy little girl in her new room!!

On the Saturday morning of the project I made baked oatmeal with blueberries (ALWAYS a huge hit), and a sausage, egg, and cheese casserole.  

For lunches, meatballs were in the crock pot in sauce ready to be put in rolls with cheese.  Dinner was more meatballs over pasta.  Boom!  Crowd fed.  It also fed us during the week.  We had a chicken and fresh vegetable stir fry with rice on Monday, Mama had a smoothie and Daddy and E had leftovers on Tuesday, Wednesday was more leftovers, Thursday and Friday were nights out.  

Evie says a big THANK YOU to EVERYONE who helped!!


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