Mama's Meal Plan, Week 13: Lucky Thirteen!

No one in this house has triskaidekaphobia thankfully.  Although, I am thigmotactic. Can you tell I'm the daughter of a psychologist?  Or just a really big nerd?  Anyhoo... Mama is extremely overtired this particular Sunday.  Saturday morning/afternoon was cooking and meal week prep.  Saturday later afternoon into evening was a whirlwind of singing with Voices of the Valley.  I had the huge honor of singing under the direction of not only the supremely talented Gregg Mauroni, but the additional tutelage of Dr. Anthony Leach.  What a gift, and a moving experience.  Speaking of moving experiences, then we had Palm Sunday Services the next morning where my little one took a turn as a choralier.  Then, after lunch, I was off to my duties as dance captain for Theatre Harrisburg's production of The Addams Family.  Soooo, Mama is sitting, enjoying a craft beer, and blogging while Papa cooks.

Fitting name on the IPA, as it was thanks to mine I could sit and enjoy!

I know this has come up in previous posts, but it bears repeating here: I am so very blessed to have Mark as my partner in this adventure called life.  We balance each other so well, and each step in to pick up duties when the other is enjoying a hobby.  For Mark, it is often a marathon, or, more recently, not so much a hobby as he completed his thesis and successful defense.  For me, it is theater and music.  This weekend of singing and (old, decrepit) dancing wouldn't be possible if he didn't support me.  Not only support me, but let me sit on my rear end and type while he cooks.  So, thank you Babe, thank you.

Apologies to those of you who came here for the pictures of food and recipes.  But, that all had to be said.  On to this week's plan!

SUNDAY:  Refried Beans, Rice, Fried Eggs, and Sauteed Vegetables


We had some leftovers still from last week, so Mark re-fried the beans in coconut oil (a good tablespoon or more), a few tablespoons of heavy cream to rehydrate, a dash of paprika, and a pinch or so of salt.  I just got a taste of them...and they are PERFECT.  The veggies were also done in coconut oil.  The eggs were fried, then laid on top of it all.  Delicious!

MONDAY: Our Favorite "Healthy" Fettuccine Penne Alfredo with Brussels Sprouts


I believe this already made an appearance on the plan, and this won't be its last...we LOVE this dish.  Rocco DiSpirito's recipe was published 5 years ago in Runner's World, and we've been making it ever since.  Delicious, much healthier than original Alfredo recipes, and pretty simple to make!


TUESDAY: Leftovers / Snack-y Dinner

Busy night tonight, it will be a non-normal non-sit-down-as-a-family night.  We don't like it when this happens, but it happens so infrequently that I can't really complain.

WEDNESDAY: Portabella Mushroom Caps Stuffed with Tomato/Red Pepper/Rice mixture


I do not have a recipe to post for this just yet...because I'm completely making it up on Wednesday.  I'll let you know how it goes...

I learned one important lesson, the portabella mushroom caps need salt, maybe a marinade, etc.  They were good with the saucy rice, but alone...awfully bland.   The sauce was made by oven roasting a red pepper along with a can of diced tomatoes.  Stove top, I sauteed garlic and the chopped mushroom stems in olive oil, then added an entire (small) can of tomato paste.  Once both were done cooking, they all went into the Vitamix with some shredded Romano cheese.  The sauce was stirred into cooked long grain rice. 

THURSDAY:  Special Evening Out

As mentioned, Mark has successfully completed and defended his thesis.  To celebrate, his parents are taking us out to dinner!

FRIDAY: Salmon Cakes with Lemon/Fennel Couscous

I really like to make this dish...not always a winner with the Mister, but Evie and I like the cakes with the "little" couscous and a lemony sauce.


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