Mama's Meal Plan 2015, Week 10: Pretending it is Summer

I don't know what the weather has been like for you where you live...but around here, even I have to admit I've had enough of winter.  Usually I'm happy to bundle up, sip a warm beverage, and hibernate until Spring rolls around.  However, the past few weeks have just been so ridiculous, we decided to go with a more summery meal plan this week, in hopes of ushering in warmer weather.  Or, at least, warm thoughts!

Along with this, the next two weeks especially are going to be busy, busy, busy.  More busy in fact than Mama originally knew about, but that's okay, we're adaptable!  The lunch soup last week was not a huge hit with the family.  Mama enjoyed it, but the other two? Not so much.  Therefore, I selected what should be a winner: Bacon, Corn, and Potato Chowder.  It will be made with frozen corn, as opposed to off the cob, but it should still be yummy!  Curtis Stone's What's For Dinner is supplying the recipe for that, we were really happy with the meal we made from the same cookbook last week.

In fact, Curtis Stone is supplying the recipes for many of this week's meals.  This chowder was made on Saturday, as Sunday is (once again) a marathon day.  It will be lunches + Sunday evening's meal.  Here's the rest of the week:

MONDAY:  Parmesan Crusted Chicken Tenders, Green Beans, and Oven-baked Potato Fries


I know this is going to surprise you...but this one also comes from Curtis Stone's What's for Dinner?  I hear he's coming out with a new cookbook soon...can't wait to check it out! Anyway, back to this week.  We don't usually do "kid friendly" or kid specific fare around here, but these just sounded so great, fun, and sort-of summery, I had to try it.  It is a simple, flour and egg dredge recipe, with the addition of a panko/parmesan crust.  The beans will be steamed, then salted.  For the potatoes, we'll cut them into wedges, mix with olive oil, kosher salt, and ground pepper and lay them out on a foil covered baking sheet.  They'll roast at 400° for about 1/2 hour. 


TUESDAY:   Frittata & Salad


I asked my daughter what we should put in the frittata this week.  Her answer was: orange wedges, mushrooms, and lemon zest.  I'll take two out of the three of those.  Orange wedges?!  I asked her why, she said "to keep it moist."  A good a reason as any I guess.  In reality, we're going to use more of those Herbs de Provence purchased in an earlier meal plan week, lemon zest, mushrooms, and shallots (and maybe even the leftover bacon from the chowder).  Take 10 eggs, whisk with milk, and a pinch of salt.  Mix in the previously mentioned add-ins, cook stove top for about two minutes in an oven-proof skillet.  Add to a 375° oven, cook for 15-20 minutes.

Update: I had piano lesson duty, so Papa stepped in.  He made the frittata with sauteed shallots, baby bellas, and garlic.  He also made a lemon brown butter sauce to spoon over the cooked dish.  It was AMAZING.  The side was a simple salad, each family member picked their toppings, and Mama made a quick lemon vinaigrette with the other half of the lemon from Papa's sauce.


WEDNESDAY:  Chicken & Rice

Ask my husband and daughter what they want included in a week's meal plan and one or both will inevitably respond: chicken and rice, please!  It will depend on what's happening that night with work, choir, musical rehearsal, etc. what exactly will be done with the chicken, but a simple salt, pepper, sauteed in olive oil is always a winner.

As you will see from the picture below, we did NOT have chicken and rice.  We DID have leftover chicken tenders from Tuesday, so we made salads instead with oven-heated chicken tenders.  I also whipped up a quick honey-mustard-lemon vinaigrette. 



 THURSDAY:   Frittata leftover & Salad

If there wasn't enough leftover, we'll just make another one!  Honestly, frittatas are so simple and easy, they'll probably show up a lot during these next two busy months.


FRIDAY:  Fish meal

Fridays have become my marketing day...okay, fine, grocery shopping day, but doesn't "going to market" sound good?!  Anyway...this night may become our fresh fish night.  Or, if I'm exhausted from the week, we'll just go out to dinner...


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