Month One Recap, Full Plan and Shopping Lists

We did it!  One month!

This is my first attempt at gathering it into one place, a la the magazines.  Clearly, working on my little macbook limits my screen shot ability.  I'll have to work on my graphics knowledge...   At any rate, I tried to put together the grocery lists based on what we had to buy.  You'll see the note at the bottom cautioning double checking your own in-home ingredients first.  I need to streamline my list making.  I sit with the recipes to plan, then I write in ingredients we'll need in the same journal, then those get put into the Cozi app.  I've already had three instances when something doesn't make the list and we've had to improvise.  

The recipe links are sprinkled throughout the blog posts, others aren't so much as recipes as "what can we throw on this salad?!"  Regardless, our grocery bills for the month went $129, $140, $150, and $150.  The chicken week was the lowest.  We went out to eat twice as a family, and once as a couple on an HSO Pops night out with friends (separate post maybe, but subscribing to the Pops every year is a great way to make sure you get out together at least four times!).   Sometime February might be a vegetarian themed week, I'm hoping to see the cost go down a bit if we go that route.  However, for eating as much whole foods as we can, and shopping in the "organic aisle", I think we're doing pretty well!  What isn't on the list are cookies for lunches (Evie, not us), some sort of cereal bar for snacks (time to make our own again), fruit snacks (I should try making our own), and household necessities such as tissues, toilet paper, etc.  Those go on the list as needed.

I have enjoyed this month of meal planning and journaling/blogging as I go.  I recently asked on my instagram post of the final week whether readers would rather I wait until the end of the week and post all results and pictures at once, or if updating throughout the week was fine/fun/etc.   It may become difficult for me to keep up every week, but we'll far I've been able to update easily here and there (thank you blogger app!) and since the meal plan is already written in advance, I'm really just plugging in information and sprinkling it with my ramblings....  Looking forward to the second month of meal planning!


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