Mama's Meal Plan: Second Full Week of the Year, featuring Pot Roast

The first week was a resounding success!  One of our main goals, on top of the original three, was to not visit the grocery store at all after the big Sunday trip, and we succeeded.  I have found that is one of the biggest budget killers.  ONE CAVEAT: weeks where we do more fresh veggies and potentially fish later in the week we will have more than one trip...but that's pretty self explanatory.  And I WILL stick to the list and not buy ten other non-related and non-needed items.  I WILL. 

We also packed our lunches everyday (except Friday, explained below).  We had enough rice, chicken, and peanut curry sauce for 8 lunches...4 each for Mama and Daddy.  It was a perfect little lunch for the cold week we had!

Our second week is set up much like the first, a big Sunday dinner, with a ridiculous amount of pot roast for three people, that will then feed us all week.  I originally took this idea from a Rachel Ray Magazine issue where she gave a crock pot recipe, and then three variations you could do with the result of what you made in said crock pot.  Next week's plan uses one of the recipes from that issue.  But let's not get ahead of ourselves...

SUNDAY: "Company Pot Roast", roasted potatoes, peas

As previously mentioned, I have a ridiculous amount of cookbooks.  For awhile, they simply sat, only looked at once in a great while.  After it was suggested to me by my husband that perhaps I didn't need anymore since they went unused, I stepped up my game, and make sure they're cracked at least once a week!  For this month's planning, we went with the trifecta of Ina Garten cookbooks (Back to Basics, Foolproof, and How Easy is That?), a 2013 Christmas gift from my Mommy.  Looking at those titles now, I wonder if she was trying to tell me something about simplifying...

We chose Ina's Company Pot Roast recipe for our Sunday dinner.  How much more back to basic can you get?  I have very fond memories of Sunday dinners at my MeMe and Pa's, and of my cousins, my sister, and I, fighting over who got to lick the electric beater paddles after Mom and my Aunts made the mashed potatoes.  We did roasted potatoes today instead, but you get the idea.  We also had more than three at the table...we had a true Sunday family dinner with my Sister, her beau, the kiddos, and of course, Mama's Mama!

Mama, Mama's Mama, and Little Sous Chef (caught in the act stealing celery...)

The start of the sauce

Seared roasts

Other prep/cooking work occurring today: hard boiled eggs for Evie's lunches.  Veggie prep for Mama and Daddy's lunches. Roast new potatoes for tomorrow's dinner salad.  Make salad dressing for week.

BREAKFASTS: Mama and Daddy: "the usual".  Evie: "her usual"

LUNCHES: Evie, "the usual".  Mama and Daddy: Veggie and Chick Pea bowls with green Curry.

Prepped lunch veggies...I love these cups from Crate and Barrel. 


MONDAY: "Steak" Salad with homemade Parmesan-Peppercorn Dressing

Okay, fine.  Pot Roast is not steak.  But, that's what I'm going to call this meal anyway.  Do you love roasted little new potatoes on salads as much as I do?!  The salad will be greens, pot roast, potatoes, capers (because Evie loves them), carrots (ditto), and whatever else strikes our fancy.  The salad dressing is pretty heavy, but since I know what went into it, I'm still doing better than I had been!

Little Sous Chef with her creation.

TUESDAY: Stir Fry with Veggies, served over rice

I'll probably marinate some of the leftover pot roast in tamari, sesame oil, and ginger overnight for this, and I'll also probably purchase a frozen (organic) Asian veggies mix.  This is another nod to my Mama, we had "wok" meals growing up.  I don't have a wok, but I can still do a mean stir fry in my sauté pan!

WEDNESDAY: Faith & Fellowship

Nope, not a typo.  The church we attend (and I am now employed by), has a Wednesday evening meal called Faith and Fellowship.  You are also invited / able to sign up to take part in small groups after the meal.  With a wee one in tow, we have not taken part in the groups, and this will be our first meal there, but we're looking forward to it!  For those of you who would need a meal in here, I probably would have gone with breakfast for dinner.  Not going to lie.  Sometimes, you just need to poach or fry an egg and be done with it. 

Egg poached in spicy tomatoes

THURSDAY: Pot Roast Fried Rice with Egg

Yep, there's the egg!  :)  Here is how I make my fried rice, with apologies to anyone who really knows how to do it.


Day or two old cooked rice
Canola Oil
Sesame oil
chopped onion
minced garlic
fresh or dried ginger
diced carrot
pot roast, diced

green onion for serving


Heat tablespoon of canola oil in large pan.  Beat two to three eggs with a dash of tamari and a dash of sesame oil.  Pour into pan.  Cook until set, turn out, cut into strips. Heat tablespoon of canola oil in same large pan, add onion and garlic.   If using fresh ginger, add now.  If using dry, sprinkle over onion and garlic once they are softened.  Add veggies, sweat a bit.  Add rice, another couple dashes of tamari, and diced roast.  Cook until heated through, taste, add more tamari or sesame oil to taste.  Remove from heat, mix in egg, serve topped with green onion.

FRIDAY: Favorite Restaurant Night!

Last week we went out to lunch to celebrate the week's end...this week we're stepping it up with a trip out to dinner as a family.  Thanks to my wonderful in-laws, we have a gift card to one of our favorite local hang-outs!

SATURDAY: Leftover pot-luck

To quote my daughter's preschool teachers: "you get what you get, and you don't get upset."  Time to clean out the fridge for next week!!


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