To gluten or not to gluten...

...that IS the question.  Okay, so Shakespeare never wrote about gluten.  Until a few years ago, I wouldn't have imagined me writing about gluten.  I wasn't even sure what the heck gluten was until recently.  Now, I know a few things happened when people read the title.  Either they a. rolled their eyes and didn't click the link...or, b. they rolled their eyes and clicked the link.  SO, if you're still reading, congratulations, and try not to hurt yourself with the eye rolls...'kay?

We have friends with Celiac Disease.  That means they CANNOT have gluten or they will get very very sick.  I have friends with massive gluten intolerance, that have been made much better by skipping that in their diet.  One of our friends with Celiac had to be tested more than once before they found it.  So, for you eye rollers, it is a real thing, this gluten intolerance.  I actually mentioned at a party once that my dear husband brewed a gluten free beer for me while I was on this quest...and had two women shoot looks at each other, right in front of me.  Seriously ladies?  I also know friends with the disease are put out with those trying the "trend" of gluten free...making anyone who asks for that menu in restaurants the target of waitress-y eye rolls.  To all I say, enough.  What you do or don't eat is up to you and I applaud anyone who tries to be more healthy.  Just do it politely.  I overheard a very rude man at my favorite sushi place recently insisting his fish be raw for his raw food diet.  It took everything in me to not point out his rice was cooked...

I don't know what I have.  I'm not sure if I "need" to be gluten free, nor am I sure I'm capable (says the woman who had pizza and beer yesterday).  Other than after running 1/2 marathons, changing our diet, etc....wait. Readers of this blog or friends in real life have heard this song already.  To borrow a phrase from a friend, I'm sick of the "food baby" after I eat.  Recently, I was put on thyroid medicine.  It helped a bit, but I still seemed to struggle more than necessary at my age.  You only have to look at my husband and daughter to see that the family is healthy...but I still get  "Mama, you look like you have two chins!"  When I eat or drink gluten-y things, I end up very uncomfortable.  I will not go into details here, but it's unpleasant.  Is that a gluten problem?  An over-indulgence problem?  I don't know.  But I do know that the support of my husband and friends on this quest makes a big difference.  So while I work it out, let's all try to be a little nicer to each other.  Not just with food choices, but that would be nice too. 

It is amazing what you find gluten in, and not just the places you'd expect.  Soy sauce?  Shredded cheese?!  Again, I haven't cut it all out yet, but when you get down to it, it looks like our tendencies lately toward whole food seems to be saving me from myself.  Having a Vitamix for smoothies helps too, as does adventurous eaters in my house.  So, dear readers, look for more recipes coming this way that feature the "gluten free" tag.  For my vegan and dairy free friends, I may have some things for you too because as I continue this journey, I have found many go hand in hand.  However, my fish sticks and mac n cheese friends, do not despair!  We will have recognizable ingredients, no sacrificing taste, and maybe even some weeknight dinner options! I also promise to occasionally open a box of mac n cheese instead of making it fresh, and feed my daughter cereal for dinner from time to time.  It's a journey to health but I can only go so far til I need a break!

Until next time, remember what Julia Child said: "Everything in moderation.  Including moderation."


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