40 life rules from my 40 years.

  1. Life is so much better when you live it honestly.
  2. Feeling good about yourself is key to overcoming worries of how others feel about you…
  3. How others feel about you truly is none of your business.
  4. Be fierce when you should…
  5. But be kind more often.
  6. Family is first. Always.
  7. But friends should not be last.
  8. Be passionate. Not dramatic.
  9. But dramatic is okay sometimes too.
  10. Faith is personal...your relationship with God is what you feel and love it to be.
  11. Share good faith. Keep shaming, hurtful, or judging versions of your faith to yourself.
  12. My personal faith belief is that of a child’s. Jesus loves us, ALL of us…in all our unique, beautiful, and weird, amazingness. God does the judging. We do the loving. The end.
  13. You get back what you give.
  14. Give as much as you are able, personal or material.
  15. Pick your battles wisely.
  16. Mistakes of the past may follow you, learn from them instead of being embarrassed by them.
  17. But make sure you apologize to those who you hurt.
  18. Forgive those who do not accept your apology, and move on.
  19. Rejoice at your friends’ accomplishments.
  20. Reject negativity.
  21. Celebrate you…
  22. And celebrate those around you.
  23. Remember the golden rule.
  24. Learn how to do conflict. Avoiding it only causes more.
  25. Volunteer.
  26. Be good at what you do…
  27. Admit what you can’t do and find help.
  28. Read. A lot.
  29. Share your successes and failures with others, maybe someone will learn something.
  30. Follow rules.
  31. Eat ice cream for dinner once in a while.
  32. Be open…
  33. …minded
  34. …to new experiences
  35. …to new people
  36. …to life
  37. Drink good beer.
  38. Eat good food.
  39. Surround yourself with good people.
  40. Enjoy.


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