Home Visit and Comfort (Whole) Food

We are one step closer in our adoption journey!  Today Lea visited our house to do the home safety check, and to finish her interviews with us for the Home Study portion of our adoption process.  Evie very proudly gave a tour of our house, and then sat down for her "interview" with Lea.  It was super sweet to watch and listen to...and I managed to keep my mouth shut! (I know, I know, it is a minor miracle, I can just see some of you laughing right now).  I especially liked the part when she told her if we didn't get a second swing for the play set by then, she'd let her little sister go first. 

Miss Evie discussing becoming a big sister with Miss Lea

Things are moving along.  We're all excited for the day when our newest family member comes home to us, but we know we still have work to do!  So far we've been to the doctor for a medical check, to a psychiatrist for a psych eval, background checks have been sent out, we've been fingerprinted, our places of business have sent their information in...almost all the paperwork has been put in the works.  I cannot say it is almost done, there is still a lot to be compiled.  I am most shocked at how long it has taken for Vital Records to get our newly certified birth certificates to us.  I ordered them at the beginning of April....patience is a virtue, and I'm striving to hold on to mine.  I was prepared for patience with the process, and for waiting for a referral, but I neglected to factor in the patience needed for agencies to get things to us. 

Next on the plate is training.  We made a big whoops and did not realize we were supposed to have completed online training by now.  I read the road map wrong and thought that was something we did while waiting for the referral.  So, if you need us the next few nights, Mark and I will be deep into our computer screens studying up! 

To celebrate our latest milestone in the process, we took a cue from our favorite Mentor Family (aka, the awesome people that brought us to this world of adoption by leading by example and sharing their hearts) and are making a dish from My Whole Food Life's page: Amazing 3 Bean Sweet Potato Chili. You have to love any recipe instruction that leads with "take all ingredients and throw them in a large pot."  SOLD!  One caveat though: you have to soak the three different beans overnight, so it isn't quick if you forget that part.  We threw the ingredients on top of the soaked beans, gave it a stir, and ran out to get our fingerprints done for the adoption.  It took two of us (Evie was busy doing some interpretive dance to a Phineas and Ferb soundtrack) about 10 minutes to prep everything and toss it in.  We followed the recipe, but doubled it so we could freeze some for a rainy day.  We also added some salt, something not listed on the ingredients. 

I also love things that make my house smell awesome.  This definitely qualifies.  The spice level is low, so add more if you like a kick...even if you don't.  It was kind of on the bland side, I think because our stock was low sodium.  We added a lot of extras at the table, and then Mark doctored up the metric ton left in the pot for freezing.  It needed more chili powder (we used ancho) and even more salt.  However, Evie doesn't have the same level of tolerance her parents do, so we usually keep it to a minimum, and then add things like torchbearer sauces.  Well, Mark does...I enjoy a little heat, not a slap to the face.  He added a bit too much tonight...silly Daddy. 

They suggest adding flour to thicken, but this thickened up very nicely without adding any type of flour.  Ours did not look anything like the picture on the blog, for whatever reason, but it was good after we made our changes.  Here are some of our thoughts for next time:
  • Curry and other spices in a curry would play well with the sweet potato and beans
  • We'll probably leave out the kidney beans next time (not a fave here), but they were nice and tender from the soaking
  • Extra Ancho Chili powder added at the table was a nice addition of flavor, maybe have as a garnish.
All in all, a tasty dish!  We served it over Jasmine rice, but it would have stood on it's own.  A good, (gluten free, vegan, whole food) hearty meal.


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