Curry and Coconut Oil Sweet Potatoes over Rice

If the first thing Mark says to me after a greeting and a kiss when he gets home is: "what are we doing for dinner tonight?"...I know the man is hungry.   Mind you, the "we" in what are we doing is a truthful "we".  He'll jump in and make dinner as often as I will, or we'll all do it together.  Sometimes though, Mama wants the kitchen to herself.  The night I made this our little one wanted to go and burn some energy outside, so sent them off and once again played my version of Food Network's Chopped in my kitchen.  Chopped because of "what the heck to I have to make a meal with?!" and "I need to get something on the table fast!" 

Evie asked for spicy chicken on her way out, which is what she calls our chicken curry meal.  I would have loved to accommodate her, but I had neither chicken, red curry paste, shiitakes, nor coconut milk (the canned fatty kind, not the beverage kind we put in smoothies) on hand.  Truth be told, very rarely anymore is meat of any kind here.  It's mostly beans, rice, and fish.  I'm sure with summer grilling steaks, burgers, and chicken will return, but it has been nice to eat a little more sustainably of late.  I really enjoyed the Sweet Potato Chili we made thanks to my friend Sarah's suggestion.  Because of this, I had purchased three sweet potatoes earlier in the week with the plan of baking them and having them with a salad for dinner.  My dinner salad meal that evening turned into smoked salmon and boiled baby yukons, so I still had those lovely sweet potatoes in the fridge.  Because Evie had asked for curry, I decided I'd make something up and cross my fingers that it turns out okay (we all remember the arugula debacle of '14).

I had also purchased coconut oil, in one of those "I keep seeing this pop up online and in Runner's World, I'm sure I'll use it for something" moments.  Guessing this was one of those moments, I grabbed it from the cupboard.  I diced the raw sweet potatoes, doused them with curry, and sautéed them in the coconut oil.  After about two minutes I realized I had completely forgotten the that went in a little late.  In the meantime, I made some jasmine rice.  Below is my recipe, it was a hit with the family, even though I over cooked or under fluid-ed the rice (it was a bit crunchy). I already have ideas for next time on how to improve this, mainly by adding in some of the things I was missing (fatty coconut milk especially). 

Curry Sweet Potatoes

Three Raw Sweet Potatoes, cut into small cubes
Curry Powder
Garlic, one or two cloves, minced
Kosher Salt
Coconut Oil, two tablespoons
Coconut Milk Beverage (I think regular coconut milk would have been better)

Jasmine Rice for serving
 For garnish: chopped cilantro, chives, lime wedges

Melt coconut oil over medium heat, add garlic, sauté for one minute.  Add diced sweet potatoes, cover with a healthy sprinkling of curry powder (I COVERED them in it) and a pinch of salt, mix to coat.  Sauté until sweet potato is soft and cooked through.  At that point, stir in about 1/4 cup coconut milk beverage and another pinch of salt.  Warm through, serve over (or, beside if you're my daughter) warm jasmine rice, and top with cilantro, chives, and lime juice.

Dinner was on the table in about 30 minutes, all were happy, and plans are in the works to try a variation of this again!  The curry ended up getting a bit too spicy for Evie (once again, regular coconut milk would have helped), so Daddy finished her plate and she enjoyed a yogurt.  However, I'm still pleased with this one!

Official Mama's Taste Tester

Got the stamp of approval!


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