Paper Pregnancy

Mama, Lea - Adoption Worker Extraordinaire, and Papa

That's the message I received from a friend when we announced we were officially signing our contract to adopt: "welcome to your paper pregnancy!"  She is also adopting, and goodness, after our paperwork meeting this week, I completely understand what she meant!  Lea, our International Adoption Worker, met with us and handed over 37 documents or packets of documents.  Some were for reading, most were to be filled out.  They range from check box forms to full on essay questions.  They're all pretty easy to answer though, at least for two people who have spent so much time thinking about this adoption thing...or, at least you'd think so.  I'm now flashing back to primary school: "wait! is this the right answer?!"  Being the child of a psychologist doesn't help either, I've been trained to not only think of an answer, but what that answer might say about me. 

One of the forms I was given a little earlier in the process than normal, only because Evie had her 6 year appointment at the doctor's this week.  Bethany likes to try to save you steps it seems, something I appreciate as the home study process is taxing not only on the pocketbook, but time away from work as well.  At any rate, we took the form to Evie's pediatrician this afternoon.  We've been going to Tan & Garcia since Evie was born, and Dr. Falguni Acharya saw her in the hospital when she was born.  They know our kid, and Dr. Acharya is the perfect blend of knowledge and caring.  She almost made me cry today, in the very best way.  I asked for the form to be filled out in support of our adopting, and she said she wished she could write more in support of us than just one form.  "Evie will be a great big sister and you two are very good parents."  Definitely made this Mama's heart happy to hear this from a medical professional and fellow mother.

I stayed in bed a little longer this morning thinking over all of the things we need to accomplish to move closer to bringing home another child.  I was comparing my early pregnancy with Evie to these early days of paperwork for our yet to be known child.  It really is very similar.  You do not know who you are going to meet at the end, but you will prepare, pray, attend classes, read books, fill out forms, pray some more, and apply to the government for your child's goes on and on.  The difference here is it will be longer, and someone else is caring for my child right now.  Lea asked if she could pray with us before we finished our meeting this week and if there was anything in particular she should pray for for us.  My answer was immediate: please pray for patience for me.  Patience for this process, for the paperwork, for life happening outside of this adoption process...So, friends, I will finish asking the same as always, if you pray, or send good juju, or do happy dances, whatever the case may be, do one for me...this Mama's heart is needing some extra support!  Thank you thank you...Merci.


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