Here we go!

It can be officially announced (and has been) that we have been approved for and moving forward on our adoption!  We have gone through about a year of serious thinking and praying on this topic.  We researched international and domestic options.  We spoke with friends who have adopted.  Many wonderful individuals reached out to us with their stories, the majority of whom I had never met, but they were happy to share and offer assistance.  The adoption community is an amazing one.  I am scared out of my mind over this...and hope I can handle this upcoming roller coaster ride.  We begin with paperwork, a home study, waiting for a referral, two trips to the country we are adopting from, and eventually, in 18-24 months (or more), we will welcome home our newest family member!

In the end, we made the decision to adopt from Haiti.  The need is so so great there.  Not that it isn't in other areas, including our home country.  For us, we felt called to help a country lacking the infrastructure, where the need is dire.  The US has the foster care system.  China has well funded and run orphanages.  True, those children all need families.  But when we read that many children in Haiti do not live long enough to make it to adoption...our minds were made up.

We are so excited to be adding to our family.  Thank you all for reading, and for your support.  AND, in keeping with the usual theme of this blog, get ready to join us in some Haitian recipe exploration!!

With Love, The Ondo Three, soon to be FOUR!


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