It's A Small World

This started as a simple facebook post.  But then my tendency toward the verbose took over and I had to turn it into a blog posting.  Which is a win for me since 1. I wanted to make sure that interspersed with the recipe posts would be adoption journey messages and 2. I promised myself I'd actually use this blog this year.   This does mean that only those brave (bored?) few that check out this blog will read it, but at least it will be on "paper" and relieve my over-burdened mind for a bit.

I'm sitting here, reading up on international adoption (Successful Adoption - love this book so far), and wondering about the reactions to the coca cola commercial.  And by wondering, I mean: "oh my goodness.  My research into international adoption mentions stigmas created by racially and internationally blended families, but this is 2014! That won't really happen? Right?!" Now yes, I will grant you, America the Beautiful is akin to an anthem about our country.  I can see where some very patriotic people might have been taken aback (I am, and I wasn't). But it isn't THE anthem.  It is a song about how we love America - in all its melting pot glory.  Also, in the theater world, if a play is really really good, it gets translated into other languages and performed in other countries...which is a win for the author.  I would imagine in music it is the same.  I found the commercial to be beautiful.  But I've always loved the melting pot of our country, and increasingly, our world.  Because let's face it, the world is getting smaller.  A few weekends ago we got to sing along with "It's A Small World" at HSO's wonderful Disney Pops concert. It is a world of laughter and a world of tears....hopes and much that we SHARE that it's time we're's a small world after all.  Might be an annoying repetitive song while you're on the ride...but when you actually read the words, at least for me, it really struck me.  Could have been too my six year old, brow furrowed, reading along and singing her little heart out. 

You didn't like the commercial?  Your prerogative. You did? Awesome.  I liked it too.

I hope we get to adopt.  And I hope that child teaches us about their country as we teach them about their new country.  And maybe, I'll get to hear a precious little voice singing America the Beautiful in her native language because it's easier than her new language.


Lenny said…
I must say I thought the commercial was awesome. I watched it with my family and truly thought it was cool of coke to make another awesome commercial. I was disheartened when I heard and read onFB that people had such negative reactions to it. Thank you for putting it into words.
Jean Parks said…
I just watched the commercial on line. I love when I see one of Ron's sermon illustrations come to life. There is no black skin, or white skin, but thousands of unique shades of brown skin. Each of us is unique as God has created us. There is strength in our diversity if we choose love instead of fear.

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