Mommy & Daughter Time...Someday DaughterS?

 In the interest of full disclosure, it is not all four course meals, organic, gluten free, proteins, veggies, etc. over here...some nights, you just need to do a Girl's Night junior edition.  Once in awhile Evie and I have an evening together while Daddy is either traveling or at a meeting.  Tonight was one of those nights.  Mama cooked some fun things Monday and Tuesday.  Come Wednesday, and no Daddy, Mama decided that we were due for a less stellar meal.  Evie chose The Great Muppet Caper (yay!) for our movie, and Mama chose popcorn and gelato for dinner.  In my defense, it was popcorn made in a popcorn maker with peanut oil and sea salt and the gelato is organic and I can pronounce all of the ingredients.  That being said, I totally fed my kid ice cream and popcorn for dinner.  And you know what? It was awesome.  We snuggled, we laughed at the movie, and we just enjoyed each other's company.

I also wondered what it would be like to have another little one curled up against my other side.  We go next week for our first official meeting at the adoption agency.  Evie and I had a lovely time this past weekend at the symphony.  During intermission she started talking about being a big sister, how it is something she wishes for more than anything.  I have prayed daily about a possible adoption.  I have reached out to friends and colleagues to discuss issues.  Other friends have offered their friends and family as resources.  The outpouring from friends for ideas and information has been helpful, loving, and wonderful.  In short, we are closer to beginning the actual road to bringing another little one into our family, and Evie is ready for it to happen yesterday. 

So, if you are the praying sort, please add us.  If you are the good juju sort, help me out.  If you're the type to do dances, go for it.  Whatever the case, please think good things for us as we travel this road.  In the meantime, I'll plot our next evening of a junk food dinner and silly movie.


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