Henri le Worm's Croquettes

Yes, that title has "worm" along with croquettes.  A few weeks ago, I saw a tweet from Simon Pegg about a new app for kids that had to do with cooking.  What??  One of Mark's and my favorite actors + cooking + accessibility for kids?!  Um, yes please.  We checked out the app and immediately liked what we saw.  We were only paying attention to the "play" portion at first, but then about a week later Evie asked if we could try one of Henri's recipes.  Why yes, yes we can dear!! 

The recipes are written for families to try together, with portions highlighted to show where there is a task they feel a child could accomplish.  Evie picked the one we would try first, which I have adapted below to US measurements and ingredients I could locate.  She did not know what ricotta was, but thought the croquettes sounded fun!

If you buy the app for your kids (you totally should), this is what you'll see when you pick a recipe:

 The rest of the screens show ingredients (in UK measurements, so be ready to convert) and instructions.  We also followed their recommendation to make a salad to go along...and this became our dinner!  I will say, there are very few recipes, so do not buy it JUST for those, but for the game as well.  Just hearing Simon Pegg's voice speaking to our daughter made us smile. 

Ricotta and Spinach Croquettes 

adapted from Henri le Worm app


3 cups spinach leaves, washed
3/4 cup ricotta cheese
6 tbsp olive oil
1/2 cup grated Gruyere
2 eggs beaten (preferred: free range / organic)
1 cup organic plain breadcrumbs
1 cup whole wheat flour

Wilt spinach in 2 tbsp of oil on medium heat.  Transfer to a colander, allow to cool, then squeeze out fluid.  Chop or send through food processor.

Mix ricotta, Gruyere, and chopped spinach.

Coat hands with flour, fashion cheese mix into 8 small discs.  Then coat each disc with flour, send through egg bath, and into breadcrumbs. 

Saute in remaining olive oil, drain on paper towels, and serve.

Now, this evening, we went as far as the breadcrumbs, then put them in a dish, placed the dish in the refrigerator, and ran out the door to ballet.  Therefore, the croquettes were able to chill for a little over an hour before we sauteed them in the remaining olive oil.  I think actually that was a good thing, because it was unseasonably warm here and the un-chilled mixture was rather sticky.

 Her best squeezing spinach face!

"How is this Mama?"

 Flour, Egg, Breadcrumbs

 Our finished product follows, with our raw spinach, carrots, and red peppers.  The peppers came from our garden, and were quite tasty!  Evie deemed the croquettes yummy, especially after we added apricot spread and a pinch of salt.  That was our only critique, we think next time we'll add salt and maybe some basil to the mix, but all in all, we have to say "Thank you!" to Henri and his app!


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