Cookbook Review: It's All Good

Recently, a friend tagged me in a post on Facebook about Gwyneth Paltrow's new cookbook.  I was flattered because she's quite the cook and to suggest I'd like something made me feel pretty special!  I ordered it a few days later and it arrived a short time after (thank you Amazon).  I couldn't wait to crack it, but I had a few things going on, so I just gave it a quick glance.  My first look scared the you-know-what out of me.  We have been striving to be healthier and healthier around here, and I've worked pretty hard to do my best.  It is a struggle, as evidenced by this blog, and I do not always get it right, but I thought we had been doing pretty good...and then, as mentioned above, I got scared.  "Oh no! I'm poisoning my family!!"  However, I took a deep breath, went about my business, and promised returned later to give the book a good look.

After reading the entire thing, I can report I feel a lot better.  It turns out, we're actually already doing many of these things and some of the recipes are "our" recipes.  I still do not understand a few things, like why dairy is bad, but we cut a lot of that out for my husband's sake anyway.  In the end, I can say that I love the fresh ingredients, the ideas for more healthy choices. The thought of making our own sriracha intrigues both of us.  Will we follow her to the letter?  Heck no.  But, as with a lot of our changes around here, we'll do it our way.  I was especially moved by her sharing of the cysts on or near her thyroid and the problems she was having.  I too have been having problems, as shared in my New Year's blog post.  I kept my resolution (with the help and support of my husband and sister) and have pushed a doctor into listening.  That pushing resulted in the discovery of at least one cyst on my thyroid.  Not that means anything, other than I'm not crazy and something is going on inside my body.  While I await my endocrinology visit this fall, perhaps some of these recipes and dietary tricks will help me to feel better.  Do I think a Hollywood actress is the guru I need to be healthy?  No, but the team she's surrounded herself with seems to know what they're talking about, and she, like me, seems to be of the trial and error school of cooking.  Just like a good friend sharing what they've learned works, I'll go to Gwyneth for ideas.  I might even pick up another one of her cookbooks.  But I'm not going to start subsiding on warm lemon juice and no worries.  I learned too that she's so much more than that.  I'm not sure I would ever do an elimination diet, but I also am the girl who said she'd never be a runner, so we'll see.  I can't wait to try some of these recipes out! 


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