Throwback Thursday

Three birds, also part of the cast of Three Birds. Me and my Buds. Circa 1996
I was looking through old pictures today for Throwback Thursday, and came upon a whole grouping of theater and theater related pictures from college and right after.  It was fitting, as today was also the day I made the final decision to step away from that world again for awhile.  I was blessed beyond belief this year to have won the role of Mrs. Tottendale with Theater Harrisburg, performed this past February.  She's become somewhat a part of my persona around the theater world, and I kind of like it that way - what a nice way to be remembered, a dippy, happy lady.  When I was younger, I thought my swan song someday would be perhaps the actual swan themed ballet.  Now, a year away from 40, I'm more than content with having done the jitterbug while wearing a monstrosity of a yellow dress. 

I have many fond memories throughout the years of time spent on stage, these are only a small representation, but suffice it to say, the people in these pictures have meant a lot to me, and still do.

One of my only pictures from A Chorus Line...but a good one with an old friend!

Ah, my days as Garth's trophy wife
Grumpiest moment ever as a choreographer: "you want BIRDS?! Okay! I'll give you freakin' BIRDS"

Posted this one on facebook today too.  Makes me laugh every time

My first show at Theater Harrisburg! Follies 1999

 Somewhere in an old school photo album are all of my other pictures, with lots and lots of friends included.  Maybe another Thursday I'll drag them out and do a bigger post.  For now, this will be my "see ya later" to that world.  I have other things to focus on now, my family, my health, my work, and my volunteering.  Mostly my family.  Perhaps in a few years my little ham and I will return together.  But for now, I am, as I said above, content with taking a step back and letting the younger, more talented, and more invested take over...for now.  And so, she exits, stage left...


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