Time Warp Tuesday - Ollie

For this week's entry in the Time Warp Tuesday fun (be sure to visit my new friend Jenn's page for her entry this week) I submit something that makes me smile every time I look at it.  There are three pictures in the frame.  The first picture is me at age 2 on my "Ollie" toy I received that Christmas (1976).  The third picture is my husband at age 2 with his Ollie (1978).  The middle picture is our daughter at (almost) age 2 (2009) on what was the closest approximation of Ollie we could find in these safety conscious times.  I do not know how many of you reading this had an original Ollie, but I would fall backwards on that thing repeatedly...partly because my little feet barely reached the floor, partly due to an imbalance in the toy.

When I met Mark in 2003, he was driving a Volkswagen GTI that was an interesting shade of yellow.  He referred to the car as "Ollie" and, after asking "why?!", we learned of our shared toy from so long ago.  Both of us loved that car, for different reasons, but the Ollie always brought a smile to our face.  The picture was originally each of us on the end, and a card with the words "All Things Grow With Love" in the middle.  When we had our daughter, we agreed we needed to get her an Ollie too and replace the phrase with her very own Ollie picture.  However, repeated searches on eBay netted very little.  A few times we would find one, but the bidding was already over $200.  I love my kid, and I so loved the idea of us having pictures all on the same toy, but $200+ is getting a bit much for a photo opportunity.  In the end, we found a cute approximation and these three pictures now hang together on our bedroom wall. 


Janet said…
I love when universes collide :-)
Jen said…
How sweet! It amazes me that we survived our childhoods, with all the dangers. My mom likes to keep everything, and when I saw my old high chair I couldn't believe it. It looked like some sort of torture device!
Susan said…
What a great geouping of photos. My twins had one, too, circa 1988.

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