MEAL PLANS: 2012 Editions

Some of you may have been looking for my four weeks of blogging our postmortems from the Real Simple October meal plans to have begun.  They started last night, but are on a different blog.  This year, I signed up to be a volunteer Community Blogger for our local PBS station, witf.  I named that blog "What's Cookin' Mama?"  and promised to be fairly regular with posting about our adventures in cooking.  In an effort to follow through with that promise, I am posting those on my community blog site here:  What's Cookin' Mama.

I have to say though, I am kind of sad, because I enjoy this blog so much and I kind of like having all my stuff in one place.  However, I am sure I can come up with other things to post...and with new friends like Jenn, I have neat ideas like the Time Warp Tuesday (that I posted on a Monday, and didn't call it that. But, Jenn still let me play). 

I hope you follow both, or at least, have fun trying the new recipes as we have!  Happy cooking!!


Wandered over here from your comment on my blog. Nice to meet you!
Welcome to my blog! Nice to meet you too!

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