Thank You For Your Support

I recently posted on my facebook page a plea to support our local NPR station, and by extension, a friend who was on the radio at that time asking for donations.  A few friends made lighthearted jokes regarding their ability to pledge, and it was cute banter.  Then, someone posted a comment stating that she will not support them any more because they "waste her money asking for more money."  Before any of you out there who might feel the same way start to applaud, hear me out.

First, non profits have to ask for money.  Repeatedly.  That is how they survive.  witf especially because they receive no funding from the state of Pennsylvania, the very state they serve within.  Second, once you have shown yourself as a supporter of an organization, they will return to you as a friend.  If you are unable to give financially, just say so, but that does not mean you need to remove your support in other ways.  I do not know about other Moms out there, but I feel safe turning on PBS kids programing, brought to us locally by witf.  World Girl alone is worth a pledge, we play "opposite game" and talk about what contemplative means with our 4 year old.  (disclaimer, my daughter can define it, I had to use spell check to type it).  Many mornings, I am sitting in the parking lot at work waiting for the story I was listening to on NPR to finish.  Classical Air is a wonderful lunchtime respite.  Therefore, even if Mark and I couldn't have afforded the $50 pledge, I still would have encouraged others to think about giving.

I ran into a similar situation when I was employed by the Girl Scouts in Boston.  Troops would report potential supporters complaining about the "cost of the cookies."  Let us break this down, shall we?  Girl Scouts are not actually selling cookies.  They are offering you a chance to support their troop, council, and Girl Scouts of the USA.  In return, they say thank you by giving you a box of cookies.  The best part?  The more you give, the more cookies you get AND you even get to pick out your favorites!  The Girl Scouts do so much for girls that they will come back and ask again next year, and the next again, to keep their wonderful programs going.  I feel strongly enough about this that I donate my time as a volunteer for the Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania

I too am annoyed by phone calls during dinner time.  However, if it is an organization I believe in or utilize, I will request to be taken off of the calling list...but I will still support them somehow and someway.  I do not know what I would do without NPR on my commute to work in the morning or, World Girl to enjoy with Evie.  Maybe someday my daughter will enter the Girl Scouting world.  For all of these I can feel good about being a part, however small, of keeping them around for a time.


Bryden78 said…
I love this so much.
Yes, Yes, YES! Thank you for writing this and for saying it so well. As a professional musician, I often find myself trying to explain the value of NPR and PBS to people who claim they don't use it so they shouldn't have to pay for it through their tax dollars. Very well said. (and as a life long Girl Scout, thanks for that too!)
I've gotten to this weird point in my life where I actually enjoy the NPR pledge drives. What's up with THAT?!
You're a massively enlightened person? Or, it could be the cool stuff they play while they do their asks.

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