Easter Leftovers

Hard to believe I even wanted to look at the leftovers after stuffing myself beyond full the day before, but sometime around 2 the next day, I started searching the internet for leftover ham recipes (because I had already gobbled up the meatballs and potato salad my Mother-In-Law sent home with me nom-nom-nom).  The second recipe I found seemed like a winner, and...aside from lacking fresh parsley for garnish, I had all the ingredients...win!  Here's the full recipe: http://family.go.com/food/recipe-646014-egg-noodles-with-ham-and-peas--t/.  The list also says you can do this recipe with bacon, leftover turkey, or meatless.  I believe it, it was pretty good, not too heavy surprisingly.  The recipe is a pretty step-by-step easy for any level of chef.  She even goes into great depth regarding salted water to cook pasta in.  She's right.  Pasta is soooo bland when it isn't cooked in super salty water.  I still remember when I first started cooking spaghetti by myself, I would put an obnoxious amount of oil in the pot with it (shudder) and no salt (double shudder). 

I feel like I should get a special safety screen for my Mac Book...but, so far so good when I do this (knock on wood)

My Mom always says "if I say I'm not hungry, start sautéing onions in butter, I'll change my mind." She's so right.  Mark came home during the first stage and said dinner smelled great...and all I had on was salted water for the noodles and the onions.

One of my kitchen tricks.  We keep a sharpie handy to label when we open chicken stock.  I'm still going to forget that I have an open one in the fridge, but at least this way, I'll know which one needs to "go" when I suddenly notice them there.

 The dinner went together pretty quick, I did watch the amount of kosher salt I added just because the ham has enough sodium as it is, not to mention chicken stock.  Little Miss enjoyed it and ate a fair amount. 
Mark said the best part was the cream sauce on the ham.  He's not a big noodle fan, but his girls are...so everyone was pretty happy tonight.  One last note, I used fresh peas instead of frozen, and I would have much rather they would have cooked a bit less.  Other than that, no complaints, nice way to re-purpose leftovers.


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