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It has now been over a week since the closing of my most recent theatrical endeavor.  For those of you who know me, I feed my inner Leslie Caron, Grace Kelly, and okay, I'll admit it, Norma Desmond on occasion by participating in the local community theater.  For two months we rehearse (and rehearse, three weeks and it couldn't be worse...oops, wrong show), we rehearse after work and on weekends.  Most of us have day jobs, one of my best friends is a civil engineer by day, force to be reckoned with on the stage by night (or matinee).  It is all volunteer, we do it for the love of it. Of course, as with all volunteer groups, there are some that seem so miserable you wonder why they auditioned in the first place, but on the whole, it ends up a good group.  The cast for this show, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, was more than good, they were amazing.  So much so, that after spending the end of November, all of December and January rehearsing with them, and most of February performing, I'm having one of the worst cases of PSD (Post Show Depression) I've ever endured.

Actors' portrayal of PSD. (thank you ladies)

As discussed in a previous posting, I was part of this cast by sheer luck.  I hadn't auditioned because of a scheduling conflict for the rehearsal process, plus, I hate auditioning.  However, one of the "wives" had to drop out, and I was one of their past performers called to check on my availability.  High honor indeed...especially when I learned about the rest of the cast.  My first rehearsal was mostly me sitting in awe of the voices.  Many of my friends and family who attended the show said the vocals could have been prerecorded they were that good.  One even accused us of this!  I promise you, those performers really did sound that good and were live.  That freakishly amazing pit orchestra and music director might have had something to do with it as well...

The dancing for this show was full of tricks gymnastic and difficult for an old gal like me, but I persevered.  I feel for the poor guy who had to heft me, but he did a super job, not one complaint the entire run.  My hope is that some day the doctors figure out what is going on so that I'm not "the fat one" in the ensemble.  However, the fact that I'm nearing 40 and can still throw a cartwheel over a guy's lap reminds me that I'm lucky to do what I can.  The lovely ladies I danced with were hard workers and did super with their partners as well.  The leading lady should be on Broadway with those legs alone, but for now, she's with us, and audiences are happy about that. 

As always, Steven, the director/choreographer must be credited for his work.  He is the best choreographer for all levels that I have ever met.  The man can take pretty much anyone and get them moving in the right direction. 

My first show back after a loooong hiatus was Curtains in 2010.  Evie had just turned 2 years old when it opened for it's three week run.  She would sing a few phrases and talked about Mommy being a mermaid in the show.  My second show was Gypsy in June of 2011.  Then Evie was 3 1/2 and while still too young to see such a show, she did get to witness the kids practicing their numbers and got to see Mommy do her dancing cow bit.  So, for months, when someone asked my daughter what her Mommy did, she'd reply "Mommy's a cow."  Now, Evie is 4, and got to attend her first full length musical...with her Mommy in the cast!  So, even though I rave above about the friends, new and old, as well as the fun I had and the amazing talent I witnessed, my favorite part about this show is my daughter's obvious enjoyment of it as well as the constant question "Mommy, when can I be in a show with you?" 

With Joseph AND his coat!

I wasn't able to take the time to write out messages to each and everyone of my cast and crew mates, but THANK YOU to all of you for being part of my life,  more importantly my daughter's life, and part of our little family's history.  Each and everyone of you have been mentioned by her in some form or fashion and many of you are part of the stories I shared with my husband when I came home from shows or rehearsal.  Some of you welcomed my husband and daughter into the fold when they were around, and some of you are part of our life outside of the theater.  However it is that you've touched our lives, please know we are so grateful.  Merde a thousand times...and take a look at some of the moments Evie shared on our last day of JoTech.
Director, Choreographer, and Issachar (also, "Uncle" Steve)
With Simeon (Mommy's dance partner) and Mommy
Miss Maggie and Mommy...the two halves of the camel!

She loves Miss Maggie and Miss Mandi!

 After-Strike Cast Gathering, Evie saying her good-byes

Hugs for her Mr. Kerry
Mr. Darren, aka Simeon
Mr. Steve, aka the man who beat out the Muppets for Evie's listening enjoyment!
Evie holding court...Mommy's theater friends are good sports
Huggies for Miss Becky!

Last, but not least, the actor who portrayed Pharaoh with Evie doing their best "Elvis Hands"


Bex said…
Tears came to my eye as I read this...I love you! :)

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