That's it. She's grounded.

I am not talking about grounding my 7 month old daughter. I'm talking about my 61 year old mother. Last night, she went out with her buddies the "Ridgeview Girls." So called because that's the street they all lived on when they met in 1950, when they were 2-6 years of age. I think it is absolutely fabulous that the friendships between these women has endured for 58 years. They go away twice a year together, meet for dinner occasionally, and so far have managed to remain out of trouble. During dinner last evening it was discovered that two of the five ladies only had one earring hole in each they finished up and trooped over to the mall to the Piercing Pagoda. Now, they are not red hatters, but they do cause a stir when they're out. They have matching t-shirts, and they wear what they refer to as their pop-it pearls. Since it was the birthday celebration of the youngest member of the group last evening, she was made to wear a birthday crown. Apparently, security was amused. When I called my sister to tell on Mom report to her about Mom's evening, my sister first asked if she was drunk (no.) and then suggested we watch who Mom hangs out with. I joke (for those of you who didn't get that) - again, I think it's amazing to have friends that long. I can be a horrible friend, often times I am not a very nice person, so I'm lucky that I have the friends I have - those that will put up with me. Below are pictures of my Mom with her new bling.


EatPlayLove said… that's friendship, I wish my mom had girlfriends like that.

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