Quick Tuesday Commentary

I've been up late watching the Olympics. I'm tired. Not feeling any blog-worthy stories. However, I felt the need to comment:

Yay to Michael Phelps. 10 medals. TEN!!

Now on to Mark "not an ounce of humility" Spitz - read this article and then ask yourself why they may have declined to invite you to the Olympics.


Back to "our" Michael, I know you wanted that 1:51:00. But a new world record, gold medal, and more career medals than anyone else really is amazing. Really. Save the 1:51:00 for another time.

Shawn and company, I'd love to stay up and support you...but I'm nodding as I type. Good luck.


Manic Mommy said…
Wow. What a dick. Perhaps if he grew the pornstash back, they'd have shown his face in Athens.

I'm cracking up that he's a motivational speaker. I'm motivated...to dislike him.

I'm going to link to this article on Twitter if it's okay with you.
EatPlayLove said…
Gosh you're good, not one mention of his abs. I love his story and truly appreciate the beauty of his athleticism.
Denise said…
Didn't you love the whole, "Yea, I broke a world record but I could have done better" statement.


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