Please Sir, Can She Have Some More?

Okay all you blogging's your chance. I am asking your opinions / advice. Seriously. Let me have it....because I am getting frustrated. Here's the deal: I am still nursing Peanut, things are going well there. She has been also getting spoon fed since she turned 4 months. We did the rice cereal, then the oatmeal, then pureed fruits and veggies. We make all of her food, well, except the cereal. I tried do so some research on feeding your child homemade food. I also checked with my Mother who made my sister's and my food as well. I'm ready to introduce some new fun things...things listed in my Beaba (or however you spell that - I'm not at my house at the moment) mini-cookbook (the larger one is currently only available across the pond). My pediatrician says no to meats and dairy at the moment. BUT, in Europe - where people are by and large healthier eaters - their babies are eating all sorts of things by 7 months. I bought some Yo-Baby organic yogurt the other day, called the pediatrician to ask what the serving size should be...and was told she shouldn't have any. (?) So, I thought, back to the drawing board. Time to do MORE research. Then I had a brainstorm. I read all sorts of advice on blogger...why not ask for some? So, lemme have it...(nicely please - and if you're not a fan of food until 6 months or even a year, I don't need to hear it...too late anyway!)


EatPlayLove said…
There are reasons to hold off on dairy, specifically for digestion issues. Early exposure to particular foods can lead to allergies, while holding off allows the immune system the ability to handle more foods later on. Dairy has even been cautioned with children until age 2 because of links to Diabetes (if it's in the family). I understand that it gets frustrating running into options to feed your daughter. (how old is she exactly?)

But in my opinion, I held off on things like dairy and even wheat with my first born (she had eczema) until 1. It was so hard with the wheat, but it was well worth it. Now at 4 she has no food allergy issues.

Obviously it's up to the individual. Your daughter will have so many opportunities to try new foods, a few months of precaution isn't going to hurt.

Oh and if I can strongly urge one thing, hold off on all nuts/nut products until 2.
I guess that's my problem though - this whole thing about food allergies / causing diabetes / etc. We have no food allergies in our family - we're Pennsylvania German stock. Tough people. Babies always got the first drink of milk from the cow - to help make them healthy. So this whole holding off thing just is hard to understand. Our daughter is 7 1/2 months old. I'm obviously going to listen (I guess) it's just annoying that I can't bring my daughter up like my mother did me with respect to food.
Manic Mommy said…
We didn't start officially the boys on milk until age 1. Allergies do run in Andy's family (I am allergy-free thankyouverymuch). Aside from that, I gave them pretty much everything but I only introduced one new food at a time and avoided the obvious; eggs, peanuts, strawberries until they were older (2?).

I guess my question is why? Are you just looking to expand her horizons, is she still hungry? Could you experiment with textures as opposed to different foods?
Many reasons actually - more variety means a better eater later, I don't want to get stuck in a rut, and the main reason is I think that the doctor's proposed diet has more to do with malpractice insurance than what is actually better for Peanut. From everything I have read, the Americans took the guidelines and turned them into hard-and-fast rules. Of course I will not give her honey, shellfish,egg white, or peanut butter/peanut products yet.
Manic Mommy said…
Better late than never. I Twittered you so you may get some more hits/advice.
Mama Kalila said…
We make our baby food... I mostly use for advice on when/what to introduce. They do advise 6 mo's but allow (put a range) for those of us who started at 4 lol. They even have charts and stuff which is really convenient.

We're holding off on milk until after a year - a big part of why not before a year for most people isn't allergy but because it can replace BM or formula and that's not a good idea... but we have allergy reasons so holding that off till even later. Cheese and yogurt is ok before then though... we started those at 8 mo's but I've heard they can be *ok* as young as 6 mo's. But I'd go w/ your pedi on that...

Good luck & have fun w/ it!
Mama Kalila said…
Oh, and forgot to mention (it won't link it to here I don't think) I put up stuff on making my food, experiences and stuff on my secondary blog.
Melissa said…
With my first daughter I did the gradual start of single foods but by number three I just ended up taking the family meal and whizzing it in the blender - as long as it was just meat and veges. I held off on dairy, eggs etc. I think we started wheat at about 8 months.
One food all my kids loved was avocado. Of course in SoCal they are reasonably priced. It was the perfect thing to throw in a bag and mash up when it was time to eat.

Would you be surprised if I told you I know have an 18 year old with an avocado a day habit?!

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