I'm SO Not Winning Mother of the Year

At least not tonight. First, let me say Peanut is fine. Second, let me tell you about my first call to the Poison Control Center. Every night before tubby/family shower time, Peanut gets some time to play on the floor in her room. We usually let her play diaper-less, helps her learn how to move around. Tonight she, um, had a little poop escape while playing. No biggie, out came the wipes, we put a diaper on her, and play continued. She was very interested in the wipe bag (Costco's Kirkland Wipes) and we just thought it was so neat that she scooted/pulled herself over to them that we'd let her play with the bag. Good reward, yeah? No. Turns out, it was leaking a bit. So, we cleaned it off her, and I, armed with the offending bag and list of ingredients, called the poison control center. All the while thinking oh my god, I hope she'll be okay. After the nice nurse on the line informed me that those wipes are not even listed for her (among all the rest) and since there is no alcohol in them we're safe...my second thought was, I wonder what this woman thinks of us for allowing her to play with such a thing? I got over that pretty quickly...I mean, it wasn't like it was the Clorox bottle. So, sorry little Peanut, Mommy's bad. We'll find a safer crinkly bag for you to learn to crawl towards.


EatPlayLove said…
It happens to the best of us. If it makes you feel any better, the most popular hit on my blog right now is the post about how my daughter swallowed a plum pit.

I'll save you the trouble of making a phone call if it happens to you, she'll be fine. It reappears the next day.
This really makes me laugh--my son was 7 months old when he broke the childproof lock on a cabinet, grabbed the Clorox from under the sink, sheared off the top by hitting it against the tub, and probably drank a little. Turns out you can actually drink a little Clorox without harm.

Poison Control? Totally on speed dial.
Manic Mommy said…
While she's going through the diaper bag, don't let her near the Desitin Creamy either. Actually, the warning on the tube sent me to poison control. Poison control was all like, whatever, as long as he didn't suck down the whole tube.

Worry when you start to call and say "hi, it's me..." as my mom did with my infamous brother.
Anonymous said…
Don't feel bad! I have had to call on two different occasions. The first time my oldest dd found a tobacco spit bottle left in my bf (not hubby's) home. I had no idea if she put anything in her mouth. The 2nd time my son did get a hold of a clorox bottle. My hubby had left it out and I didn't know AND the cap was busted. Poor boy spilled it all over himself and screamed. So your not alone LOL. http://www.americanmothers.org/?q=node/4 is the actual site of MOTY, did you know they even existed? I blogged about it awhile back on my insane ramblings blog.
Denise said…
I look back on some of the things my kids got in to and wonder how we all made it out alive. :o)

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