Friday Hodgepodge

I really didn't have a lot to say, I just haven't posted anything in a week...

I'm sad the Olympics are coming to a close this weekend. It was nice to know there was something always on...watching the athletes and supporting Team USA made it feel virtuous rather than what it really was (couch potato-ism).

I'm even sadder (?) that while we are on "vacation" for the next week, we really aren't going anywhere. We had a great trip planned to Maine, but the economy and revolving credit debt got the better of us. Oh damn you Home Depot and your 12 months no interest. Not that we're hurting, we both work, we just like to be a little more fiscally responsible. I got myself in a load of trouble when living outside of Boston. I will never, ever, ever do that again. Therefore, we do not get to go on a trip, we pay bills instead. Rats. There's always next year. And truth be told, since Amtrak did away with the family car option on the Eastern route, I was not totally looking forward to 10 hours in a car trying to keep an 8 month old safe and happy. Was I totally looking forward to seeing a woman who is not only a friend but someone I have always looked to to help ground me? You better-freakin'-believe-it. But, as she said, we'll get caught up sooner or later.

So, here I sit, listening to my daughter babble and coo contentedly in her crib - excited that for the next 10 days we get to all hang out together and take in the sights nearby. You'll find us under an umbrella in Mt. Gretna, or maybe on a hiking trail in Pine Grove Furnace, or maybe even introducing our daughter to Chocolate World. Who knows? I won't get to see a moose, but there's always that damn groundhog in our backyard.

Yeah. Didn't have a lot to say today at. all.


EatPlayLove said…
We didn't take a vacation this summer either. It just seemed like the right thing to do. We did break away for a weekend of camping, which doesn't quite suffice in the vacation department in my book.

Maybe you should try a couple of new adventures in your area, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised!

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