Another company to avoid?

I hate blogging first thing in the morning...I can barely speak, how am I going to write something? However, I read this article, and was appalled. From the article:

SFCA Inc., the company which purchased all of Simplicity Inc.'s assets in April, "has refused to cooperate with the government and recall the products," CPSC said in a release Wednesday. "SFCA maintains that it is not responsible for products previously manufactured by Simplicity Inc."

Can you believe this? I mean, seriously. SFCA does not wish to insure their products are safe for the babies and children will use them? So. You buy a company, but since those products were made before you purchased the company so therefore you aren't responsible? Uh huh. Think about what that says about your company. I believe I will make sure I do not buy anything under this company's brand. Of course, I looked up the SFCA website, and it is a group of shippers. No store, it talks about shipping. ?!? I couldn't even find an official Simplicity website (other than my bookmarked Simplicity Sewing, in no way connected with this mess). Odd. I guess more research is needed...unless someone else can shed some light on this?


Manic Mommy said…
Bastards! That's it; I'm not going to sew anymore.

HHAHHAHHAHAHAHA. Like I ever sewed anything in my life.

K, you've totally got a point. That sucks! Especially when we're talking about children's products.
Denise said…
For a minute there, I thought you WERE talking about Simplicity patterns. Duh!
EatPlayLove said…
How sad. Once again corporations shirking responsibility in favor of their bottom line. Makes me sick every time I hear a new story.

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