Your Momma Dresses You Funny

We're going to Maine at the end of August (YAY!) and we needed more summer / some vacation clothes (BOO). I am still trying to loose those baby pounds. But since I'm still nursing, and eating like a cow healthy, my wardrobe is still lacking. I also did not want to spend an arm and a leg on yet more clothing. SO...out comes the sewing machine. First order of business was to use up some cute fabric I had from old projects (reduce, reuse, recycle!). Peanut therefore ended up with a new dress just in time for her 7 month photo shoot with Pooh Bear. Poor Evie. She has THAT Mom. Our wardrobes will be mostly store-bought, but it is fun to make things from time to time - I enjoy having projects. My sister made me promise to never make anyone in our family a "Theo Shirt." Mad props to the first person who understands that reference. My own mother made us beautiful dresses and adorable outfits. She did not dress us funny...we did that on our own. I wasn't the most fashion savvy. In fact, I believe it was Junior High that introduced me to the concept of fashion.

Happy 7 months Peanut!

This is what happens to my dining room when I get going on sewing projects

E in her new shorts...with matching, yes, matching shorts for Mommy up behind her

And, to be fair, a picture of me. The shorts for me would not be possible without the assistance of my mother who happened to be visiting right when I realized I had sewn the shorts wrong..."Grandma" sat down and ripped out all the seams for me so that I could have a "do-over." Whew. Thanks Mom!


Manic Mommy said…
At least you can sew! Whenever my mom tried to show Danni or me, we were all superior like, "we'll never need to sew..."

And then all these mini-Martha Stewarts are making amazing duvets and curtains out of sheets for like no money. And suddenly, learning how to sew doesn't sound like such a bad idea.
Manic Mommy said…
Oh! And would you consider posting a string of Peanut's monthly pictures side-by-side??

I'd love to see the progression.

And it is all. about. me.
I've been trying to figure out how to put a mini-collage of Peanut's pics on the blog. I would love to have something like that up!

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