Signs that you may be getting to old to watch this show...

So, here we sit. Husband and wife. Looking intently at the laptop screen, waiting for the Google gods to help us out. We just finished watching So You Think You Can Dance (yes, again, my husband is a saint...he puts up with a lot). After watching LL Cool J (uh huh, I was happy too), and a myriad of other dancers making the same gesture, we went to the computer to try to find out what it meant. But, not knowing what it's called...we're a little limited. Here goes, the person takes their hand and places it up on the shoulder of that same side...effectively placing their elbow out. Told you it was hard to explain. But I'm too tired to get the camera. Anyone know what this is? I'm so sad to even have to put this out there. There was a time I was actually in the know as-it-were. I was never "cool", but at least I knew (sort of) what was going on.

And one last comment to those who enjoy this same guilty pleasure of watching SYTYCD...Will? Really? Will?


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