Ready for my close-up!

We had a photographer come to the house this evening to do a "6 month photo shoot" with us. We plan on having her come out at 9 months and 12 months. We unfortunately went with a different photographer for the 3 months and will forever regret that move. No point in dwelling on that now.
I've seen Kristine's work before and she's good. She took amazing pictures of my sister and her family, my friend Jill's engagement and wedding, our friends Addy and Mike and their family. She was great with Peanut, wonderful to us. What I also love about this woman is she's a new Mommy too! Her daughter is 6 weeks old, and adorable to boot. Her hope is to grow their business to the point that she can "quit her day job" - I'm all for doing anything to help her with that!! So, if you live in the Central PA area, know someone who does, and they need an awesome photog...look no further! For my final piece of proof (without actual pictures from her of us as proof...yet) - see the picture below of Kristine with our little one, AFTER the session and 1/2 hour past her bedtime and Peanut was still happy!!! Keep an eye on her blog for our little family!


HRH said…
To have the baby not screaming after a photo session is a miracle. Can't wait to see the pics.
Manic Mommy said…
I planned to do that. I really did. Now I'm just working toward a family portrait.

Also? Be careful what rituals you set. The second on WILL notice.

Hey! I'm a second child...

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